Friday, March 2, 2012

29 Weeks

At my Ob appt. on Wednesday I learned that my glucose levels were good and the same goes for not being anemic. I also really want to know the exact day of the c-section but he says maybe by the end of the month we will set that up. Otherwise quick/simple Ob appt.

Yesterday I met with my Perinatologist and I am really starting to think that these extra u/s might end up doing more harm than good. I mean I like getting to see my little girl again but everytime I hear even the slightest thing about something that could or could not pose a problem I go right back into that paranoid/nervous state.
At the last appt., 1 month ago, I was told she had a small head compared to her body and was measuring in the 32nd percentile. I was worried for a few days over that but after a few comments from other moms about there babies being on the lower end of the growth range through out there pregnancies with no issues I felt better.
At this appt. baby girls head is finally meausring on track with the rest of her body but now she moved down to the 18th percentile. I started freaking out, why did she go down?
My Dr. said she is pretty sure there isn't a problem but wants to just keep an eye on it though to make sure she isn't having any growth restriction problems, which she would look into if she falls into the 10th percentile. So instead of going back in 4 weeks she wants to check her growth again in 3 weeks. I of course have to ask what the reasons would be that can cause a growth restriction problem, probably shouldn't have, but I know I would've googled it later anyway if I didn't ask right then. Baby has a virus, placenta isn't supplying proper nutrition, chromosome problem, a few others I can't remember, or it could just be that I have small babies but we can't compare her to Liam because he had a birth defect and also died before he got this far.
So like I said, sometimes I think getting these extra u/s a putting more worry in me than needed. Most people don't get this many u/s and there babies turn out fine. And if the dr. is right and she is just a really small baby then here I just added more unnecessary worry.
Anyway, I am better today but can't wait for that next appt.

Approx. 8 weeks left!

Tonight I also have my breastfeeding class. Holy crap! I have to be in a room full of other expecting moms, happy and excited expecting moms that is. Just a little nervous about this also. Hopefully the questions will be kept to a minimum.

Here are some pictures from the u/s. She sure does love having her hands and feet up by her face. I also can't believe how much she has changed in just a month, and what a cutie!


  1. Wow!!! What great pics! My little stinker wasn't having it today! Or a week and a half ago either. Ha! Maybe on Tuesday he will cooperate. But I'm at the point where I don't care if we see his face or not... I want to know about growth, etc. This is all so crazy!! I hope she does lots of growing in the next three weeks so you don't have to worry!!

  2. She is so adorable!!! What an expressive little girl :) Her little nose is just perfect, and her lips look so pouty.

  3. I love those little lips! :)

    Jack was measuring small based on a placenta problem. I was told 49th percentile the whole way through. He was 7lbs even and looked great. I wouldn't worry. There are some GINORMOUS babies and some little ladies/gents. Obviously worth being monitored, but I wouldn't panic just yet. :)

  4. My doctor and I were just talking about this today! Ultrasounds can be so great, but they can also be our worst enemy! So many things people never know to be worried about because they don't have the extra scans and the "problems" work themselves out on their own. WE on the other hand NEED the extra, but also worry extra. Such a double edged sword! Those pictures you got are so cute, glad your little one was cooperating!

  5. Such a cutie! We're having issues with learning about every. little. possible. problem, too. It's a little exhausting.

  6. Love the ultrasound pics! Like everyone else said, don't panic over the measurements. They told me that Elijah had stopped growing and weighed only 5 1/2 pounds, but he was born the next day weighing almost 6 1/2 pounds! So, the measurements can be wrong.

  7. Wow those are amazing pics, she is beautiful. Ps they did an ultra sound right before Jack was born and had him at 5 pounds, thats why they induced me into a 54 hr long delivery. It turned out they were wrong and Jack was born at 7 pounds and 11 ounces.


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