Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Where Has March Gone

March seems to be flying by, and we have been so busy. Max is growing like crazy. Can you believe he is 6 months old already? I'll post his 6 months pictures when I get them.

Here's the run down of what's been going on lately.

-We have started solids and he seems to be enjoying them so far. Actually, I can't help but giggle watching him trying to devour the spoon. It's classic!
-We put in his big boy car seat a few weeks back. Best decision ever! He hated that infant car seat, so it was time for a change, and he has never been happier on car rides.
-He still has issues with dairy. I test it on occasion. Sometimes I feel like he handles it okay and other times I pay for it for days with a very unhappy, restless baby. Maybe in another couple months he will be able to tolerate it better. I really miss cheese, but I really want to continue to breastfeed for the first year if possible.
-Since his eye surgery back in February he has been wearing glasses, but now also has contacts. The glasses are big, get in the way, and gives him no peripheral vision. The contacts, on the other hand, will give him better vision, which will better his development. At his 6 month pediatrician appt. yesterday Max still scored lower in his gross motor skills. Our pediatrician thinks he may still be playing catch up from the cataracts.
-Max hasn't started crawling yet, but we are working on getting our house more baby friendly. We have a ways to go.
-Other than all that, Max and I spend our days playing. It definitely isn't easy, but being able to stay home with my kid, well, I wouldn't trade it for anything.

One thing I had been wanting to do for a while, but was so scared about doing, is joining a mommy and baby/kid type meet up group. I was really starting to feel the need to meet other moms that stay at home with their kids and I know that it is good for Max to start interacting with others around his age. We have gone to 2 meet ups so far, and I'd say they've gone pretty well. I still have my own issues I need to work out when it comes to others and pregnancy talk and baby girls. Right now I am trying to find the nerve to respond  to a message from one of the girls in the group who messaged me the other day. She has a baby girl who is a week younger than Max and is wondering if we can get together for a play date. Eeek!

I have so much more to share, but that's all for now.

Haven't figured out the jumping part yet, but he seems to like it.
I bought the chariot when I was pregnant with Liam. I am so excited that I was finally able to use it!
Daddy's been working a lot. He sure does love his daddy!

Upgraded to the big boy carseat and wearing our new glasses!
We started solids and wearing contacts!


  1. He's such a happy little guy!

    Oh I so wish I was getting to meet him this weekend!

    Quickest six months of your life, I bet.

  2. He is just so adorable! In my experience, it was thought to get out there with other moms and some of their comments can be super rude (one young mom told me she doesnt want to space her kids 3-4 years apart because they will hate each other, uhm how lucky for THAT to be your biggest worry?) BUT once you find some nice women, its really worth it. Grown up conversations = desperately needed sometimes!

  3. Ugh, blogger deleted a super long comment I wrote. Anyway, Max is adorable! And I think mommy groups can prove difficult in finding the 'right' group of ladies. I had a woman once tell me her biggest worry was spacing her kids 3-4 years apart because they would "hate" each other. If that is your biggest worry, then I consider you lucky! But it is definitely nice to find a good group of people to bond with over even the small aspects of being a SAHM. Sometimes adult conversations are needed!

  4. Max is so charming. I just can't help but love every picture he is in. Seems like he will be such a mild-mannered, genuinely happy person in life.

    I totally understand you missing cheese! Being a vegetarian, I was really worried about breastfeeding and dealing with a dairy allergy because I just love it... and it's really the only thing I eat with fat (other than dessert).

    That's great that you're meeting new friends. I still have such problems meeting other people in fear that I won't feel like I belong.

  5. What wonderful pictures!! Thanks for the update!! Laurie

  6. What awesome pictures! Thanks so much for the update! Laurie


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