Sunday, April 19, 2015


My baby girls 3rd birthday is in just a few days. Today I am feeling it; the sadness, the grief, my anger toward the world. Today it was set off by the fact that I went to a babies brunch. When will things like this not bring on so much pain? A bunch of our friends got together with all of our kids, well, except their were two missing. There is always going to be two missing, and I'm sure I am the only one who noticed. I hate that Liam should've been one of the oldest and Evelynn would be the same age as my friends boy, since we were pregnant together. Max is just in the middle since my other friends all have their little babies within a month of age from one another. I am feeling a lot of jealousy right now. If all goes well with the adoption, that baby will be just a month or two younger than another friend of mine who is due in June. I guess that's something, but I don't want to think about that since I know nothing is guaranteed in pregnancy.
On April 14th Dereck got a vasectomy. This might have been the wrong month to consider getting that done, but then all I can think about is, what if we accidentally did get pregnant? That would kind of suck since we are in the process of adopting. Although after seeing all the babies today it made me just want to cry that I'll never be pregnant again and never get the chance to see another one of my biological babies grow, especially not a daughter. Even though our chances are slim, it makes me want to just try anyway. The Dr. told Dereck there is a couple month window in which it could still be possible. I guess their is always the sperm we have cryopreserved too, but then it just goes back to just wanting to be out of that trying to conceive stage and be done already.
I guess, not much else to say. I just want to make it through this week as sane as possible.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

18 Months of Max

I have had many people ask me how Max is doing. Well, he is pretty great! He turned 18 months back on March 26th and is a very busy little boy. He's running all over the place and climbs on everything. He says hi, Sadie (our dog), mom, dad, and thank you pretty clearly. He eats most things. Although he has a bunch of food sensitivities that make it difficult at times to find something quick. I have joined a lot of play groups, which are super difficult for me at times, but I know Max needs it and the adult conversation is much needed.

I just completed a scrapbook for Max, using Shutterfly because I just don't have the time to do one by hand these days, starting with the letter that Jessica first emailed to me offering to be our carrier. So, the first part of the book starts with our journey with Jessica, his birth, about a zillion pictures later, and then ending with his first birthday with family and a visit with Jessica and her family one year later. I think this will come in handy, not just for memories, but for when the time comes to tell Max all about Jessica and how he came to be.

We just got home from a trip to Hawaii so here are some pics of our time there and a few others.

running around before heading to the airport

Our rainbow at Rainbow Falls
Happy Easter!
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