Thursday, November 29, 2012

Baby Via Gestational Carrier Journey Update 5

So I guess I lied about the next post being on a happier note and about the fundraiser.

I don't even know where to begin or if I should even classify this as a gestational carrier post update or what. After I unloaded everything in one big blog post last night, I thought today would be a better today. Ha! It started at about 8am and it hasn't gotten any better. I'll get right to it.

Yesterday I wrote that I was annoyed with my fertility clinic. Well today I am outright pissed off. Maybe I am overreacting, I tend to do that, but maybe I am not. I chose this clinic for 2 main reasons. One being the fact they had a satellite clinic in Alaska in which I could go to and get all of my stuff done at versus going down there for everything. Two being that not having to travel back and forth to MN so much would save us money on expensive plane tickets and from missing work. The down fall to this clinic we thought at the time was that we had to wait over 6 months to do our egg retrieval, which is turning into 9+ months now.

We first met with this clinic back in May. They new I was pumping my daughters breast milk. They said it was fine as long as I quit a few months prior to starting the fertility meds. The last time I pumped was in September. I get a call today and apparently it is an issue now. Tomorrow morning I have to go into my ob lab and get a fasting prolactin test done. Depending on what it says I am may not be able to do the egg retrieval in January anymore. If we can't do this in January I am going to freak the fuck out.

A few other things were brought to my attention as well today. I am not even going to get into it but fuck, fuck fuck! I called my Ob Dr. crying after hearing this lovely news. I told her how upset I was with this clinic because all these things keep coming up that I feel should've been taken care of months ago, not a month before we should be starting the IVF process. I also explained to her about the breast milk/prolactin issue. I understand that there isn't much I can do until I get the results of that test back, but I hope to god these results are in my favor. Dereck is as annoyed as I am and is to the point that if we can't do January he wants to switch to the clinic we were originally going to use.

I don't want to wait any longer. I just want to do everything in January. I want a good egg retrieval, I want to transfer 2 embryos, I want an easy twin pregnancy with Jessica, and I want two living healthy babies in the end. And yes I want 2 embryos transferred and will do as much as I can to convince the RE we need to do this. Is that asking too much. Is it?

Oh and listen to this. I chatted with a girl today who has her carrier pregnant with twins right now. They went through the fertility clinic we were originally going to use. She told me that they were originally referred to the one I am going to but decided to switch clinics because they thought that RE was a dick. Fucking perfect! Just what I wanted to hear! Damn it, damn it, damn it! We actually thought he seemed really nice and my Ob thinks he's a great guy as well. Everybody's got there own opinions I guess, but hearing that today did not help.

I am sure everything will be fine and I am just overreacting, but what if its not. Why do I feel like I wish I would've never done the pumping now? Would that mean that once again I made a stupid decision when it comes to us trying to have a baby?

On a better note, I still think Jessica is amazing. I just hope that no matter what happens she will still want to work with us.

We technically are still moving forward. Hopefully I will have good news to share soon.

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A Whole Lot Of Venting Going On Here

 A friend sent me a link to this blog called Blog A La Cart. I clicked on the link and saw this quote:

"Anyone can slay a dragon, he told me, but try waking up every morning and loving the world all over again. That's what takes a real hero."

I love it and I need to remember it always.

But for now I need to get a lot off my chest. Are you ready for the longest rant ever?

I am frustrated and I am angry. That is nothing new I suppose. Am I frustrated because I am always angry or maybe its that I'm always so angry because everything seems to frustrate me. Either way, I wish I could get get rid of it. Stop it somehow. It's always something lately and I feel like I'm getting that "I'm going crazy" feeling back.

The holidays definitely aren't helping. I hate the fact that once again I don't have my baby here. I'm not even pregnant. At least when I was pregnant I had hope that the next year would be different.

I did the Halloween thing. I didn't really want to, but a friend dragged me out. It turned out to be pretty fun, but I'd be lying if I said I didn't think about Evelynn all night and how she would have looked so adorable in her owl outfit we had for her. It really is the cutest thing ever.

As far as holiday gatherings go, well, Thanksgiving Dereck and I spent together. Just the two of us, and I am glad it was that way. We spent our afternoon cooking together. It wasn't your average thanksgiving dinner though. We made some amazing filet mignon and then some random side dishes that I wouldn't call amazing, but it was fun cooking things I normally wouldn't make. We thought about Evelynn. It would have been her first Thanksgiving and it also marked 7 months since she was born. My perfect little girl. I love you baby girl:)

At the beginning of November my work was already discussing our Christmas party. I had already decided months ago I wasn't participating in anything Christmas related. When I heard the details about our work one, I pretty much through a tantrum. My babies should be here. I should be adding there names and what they want to the gift list. Actually I shouldn't have even been invited because I should've been able to quit months ago because I should be at home with my daughter. Whatever. I am over it now. I am pretty certain Dereck and I are going to go now. Will I make it through dinner while everyone sits and talks about how cute my coworkers baby is? I guess we will see.

A couple of our friends are having there yearly Christmas parties as well, both of which I will not be attending. First because I want to be an unsociable grump and second because I refuse to watch all my friends ooo and aaah over a friends baby. At the one party last year this friend and I announced our pregnancies together to our friends that didn't already know. I just can't go. I can't do it.

Call me a grinch. I don't care. I am not happy. I want to be, and sometimes I try really hard to be. I try to be optimistic, to look on the bright side, to have some hope for the coming year, but I can only fake it for so long before I am mentally and emotionally exhausted. In the last couple of weeks I have learned about 3 new pregnancies, Derecks sister just had her baby last week, another friend just had her baby at the beginning of the month, and my sister is due in less than a week. I just want to run away.

I don't even no what to do about any of this. I am really happy that my one friend is pregnant. When I was pregnant with Evelynn I talked to her a lot about seeing an ob about some issues she was having because it was sounding similar to the issues I had. I am sad for me and I am sorry but I don't want to hear about your pregnancy at all:(

My other friend, if you want to call her that I guess, who had her baby at the beginning of the month, well she hasn't spoke to me since Evelynn's funeral. I got a text sometime after saying she pregnant. A text. No call. No ever checking in to see how I'm doing. I didn't even realize her baby was born until a friend pointed it out on Facebook.

Then there's Derecks sister. Yes, I'm happy for her, but sucks so much also. This probably sounds, I don't even know the word for it, rude maybe, but we planned on staying at her house when we did our fertility stuff because they live so close to the clinic. I hate to pay for a hotel when we have family that lives right there, but I can't be in a house for a couple weeks with a newborn baby. And I don't think the RE is going to approve of me consistently popping Xanax before my egg retrieval.

Now what to do about my sister. My sister hasn't talked to me since just after Evelynn's burial. It was very briefly when her and her husband and kids actually stopped by and saw Liam and Evelynn's graves. I guess I should be happy at least someone from my side of the family has finally saw where my babies are buried. But seriously no "how are you holding up" or "what's going on with the gestational carrier stuff". Nothing. I know I could be the bigger person and call first, but I don't. In all honesty I am just tired of my family as a whole. I don't even call my parents anymore. My mom calls maybe once a week. I see the call and have to force myself to answer it. I feel like I have nothing to say. They ask how I am doing. Which I don't quite understand why since when I tell them the honest truth about being sad I get ignored or told to be happy for once. If I mention anything related to my babies somehow the subject is always changed almost instantly. She tells me what's going on with them and talks about my nephews and now talks about my sister and how the baby will be here any day, because you know how much I want to hear about how the baby dropped 2cm at the last appt. I can't wait to hear the news when the baby is born so that they can all rub it in my face and not think twice about how it makes me feel. Ugh! To add to all of this, they no little to nothing about what's going on with the gestational carrier stuff. No one asks and I don't really tell, but I think its a good thing. When we go back to Minnesota for our egg retrieval I am considering not even telling them I am back in the state. The last thing I need before my egg retrieval is more stress.

Yup I am still going. I must sound like the most pathetic whiner ever!!!!

I am so frustrated with my fertility clinic right now. We have been talking to them about doing this since May and it seems like nothing is getting accomplished. I am to the point I am regretting using this clinic. I hated the fact that we had to wait at least 6 months to do a transfer, which is actually turning into 9 months, but when I found out that I could get some of the stuff done up her at my clinic in Alaska versus flying back to MN I thought they'd be perfect. That saves a lot of money in plane tickets. The other clinic, the one we were originally going to use, we wouldn't have even had to wait 6 months. Hell, there is a chance our carrier could even already be pregnant if we went with them. I feel like I made another bad decision. I hope it all works out though because I would hate to have to start over with a new clinic, but I feel like everything seems so unorganized there. I am seriously getting scared that we won't even make the January cycle anymore. GRRRR!

I am still trying to force myself to get out on a few runs each week with a friend and I've even gone to the gym a few times with her. I wish I could be doing more but my energy levels are ridiculously low. Although I will say after Dereck left for work this past week I went on 3 day cleaning spree in my house and it looks awesome. I finally have our dining room cleared out from all the crap we threw in it from the bedrooms from the water damage we had in them. I even got the nursery put back together. I sure do love that nursery. Anyways back to what I was saying about for the most part having very little energy or drive to do anything. I had another appt. with my Psychiatrist and talked to her about this. I think this is almost making me more frustrated, but she added another medication for me to take to help give me a little boost. I am trying to be good and listen to my doctors and believe they are doing whats best for me. A boost would be great. Feeling good feels great. What I don't like to hear is that if I were going to be the one who was pregnant she wouldn't prescribe me it because it isn't safe in pregnancy, but I should be fine since its just my eggs. I was worried about the Zoloft affecting my eggs and am told it is for the most part safe in pregnancy. I always tried to avoid being on meds and now the list keeps growing. I asked my Ob her thoughts and she thinks I need to take them and still says my mental state is going to have more of an effect on my eggs than the meds. So I just give in and do what I am told.

And lastly I am angry for my dear friend Claudia who had to say goodbye for now to another one of her beautiful babies. I am so sorry my friend.

Okay I am done now. I swear the next post will be better because it's going to be about the fundraiser. And it was awesome!

Oh and I will share my one bit of happy news for the day. I finally got my period! Are you all as excited as I am.

Friday, November 16, 2012

Baby Via Gestational Carrier Journey Update 4

It's been awhile since my last update, but not much has happened other than a lot of waiting.

Next on the list of things to get done was for me to get my u/s to get my ovaries accessed for the egg retrieval. My RE's office wanted me to schedule the u/s on cycle days 1-3. I stopped taking the birth control I was on while I was pumping and waited and waited and waited some more for my period to come. I should've know better than to think this step would have been an easy one to check off the list, afterall, one of my biggest issues with getting pregnant was that I never got my period and never ovulated without the help of medication.

After waiting for a couple of weeks and still no period, my RE's office put me on Provera for 10 days to force my body to get a period. The Provera has worked in the past, but not this time. On October 4th my RE's office said to just go ahead and get the u/s even though I never got a period. I was told that my lining is probably just really thin because of the Mocronor birth control I was on while pumping. That same day I also got my infectious disease panel done and put on the birth control that will be used for getting my cycle matched up with our carriers.

So I don't know why things just can't be easy but somehow there was an issue with my clinic up here getting the images to my RE's office. I was trying to be calm about it, but it was driving me crazy and we couldn't move forward until my RE saw those u/s images. Finally almost a month and a half after I got the u/s my RE was able to see those images. I was starting to freak out and was pretty certain that we were never going to make the January cycle because nothing works out for us. Like I said though, after waiting for what seemed like years, I got the call yesterday that everything looked good and we can keep moving forward.

Next on the list is for me and Dereck and Jessica and her husband to get appts with the social worker. Jessica still needs to get her infectious disease panel done and then Dereck is supposed to get another one done in December. We also have to get our contract wrapped up by the end of the year.

I have spoken with my lawyer and he wrote up a contract for us. I reviewed it, made some changes, and now it is with Jessica and her lawyer. So many parts of it seem unnecessary, but I get why they have them in there. I guess it could happen where the intended parents(Dereck and I) decide they don't want to pay the carrier's medical bills or they don't even want the baby in the end because of some sort of medical issue. Which is totally F'd up, but I guess its happened.
That's all for now. At least we are still moving forward and hopefully I will have a date for the egg retrieval soon.

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