Thursday, April 14, 2016

Evelynn's Scrapbook

In 8 days it'll be 4 years since my sweet Evelynn was born, and 10 days since we had to say goodbye for now. I have been saying for the past almost 4 years that I need to get her scrapbook started, and of course, then finished. Back when I did Liams scrapbook it took me a little over a year to finish his. Although it was still hard to work on, the drive to have it done before Evelynn was born helped me to get it done. I don't recall exactly when I started her scrapbook, but it took me a very, very long time to get anywhere with it. So many baby stickers bought and cute scrapbook ideas that I found, once again never got used because those things don't seem to work with how this scrapbook was going to end. I even started once and ended up ripping multiple pages out, only to start over. I just wanted it to be perfect for her. When I finally started making real progress on it, I did everything from before her birth and then the funeral on. I just couldn't bring myself, until probably the last 3-6 months, to really go through her pictures from birth, and even then it was (is) still hard to look at those nicu pictures. So, like Liam's, I needed to take pictures of the whole scrapbook, just in case something were to ever happen to it, and of course to share her beautiful life with all of you.

I can't believe its been almost 4 years since you were born. I miss you so much.
 Love you forever baby girl

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