Friday, November 16, 2012

Baby Via Gestational Carrier Journey Update 4

It's been awhile since my last update, but not much has happened other than a lot of waiting.

Next on the list of things to get done was for me to get my u/s to get my ovaries accessed for the egg retrieval. My RE's office wanted me to schedule the u/s on cycle days 1-3. I stopped taking the birth control I was on while I was pumping and waited and waited and waited some more for my period to come. I should've know better than to think this step would have been an easy one to check off the list, afterall, one of my biggest issues with getting pregnant was that I never got my period and never ovulated without the help of medication.

After waiting for a couple of weeks and still no period, my RE's office put me on Provera for 10 days to force my body to get a period. The Provera has worked in the past, but not this time. On October 4th my RE's office said to just go ahead and get the u/s even though I never got a period. I was told that my lining is probably just really thin because of the Mocronor birth control I was on while pumping. That same day I also got my infectious disease panel done and put on the birth control that will be used for getting my cycle matched up with our carriers.

So I don't know why things just can't be easy but somehow there was an issue with my clinic up here getting the images to my RE's office. I was trying to be calm about it, but it was driving me crazy and we couldn't move forward until my RE saw those u/s images. Finally almost a month and a half after I got the u/s my RE was able to see those images. I was starting to freak out and was pretty certain that we were never going to make the January cycle because nothing works out for us. Like I said though, after waiting for what seemed like years, I got the call yesterday that everything looked good and we can keep moving forward.

Next on the list is for me and Dereck and Jessica and her husband to get appts with the social worker. Jessica still needs to get her infectious disease panel done and then Dereck is supposed to get another one done in December. We also have to get our contract wrapped up by the end of the year.

I have spoken with my lawyer and he wrote up a contract for us. I reviewed it, made some changes, and now it is with Jessica and her lawyer. So many parts of it seem unnecessary, but I get why they have them in there. I guess it could happen where the intended parents(Dereck and I) decide they don't want to pay the carrier's medical bills or they don't even want the baby in the end because of some sort of medical issue. Which is totally F'd up, but I guess its happened.
That's all for now. At least we are still moving forward and hopefully I will have a date for the egg retrieval soon.



  1. I think of you guys a lot and hope that your gestational carrier stuff is moving forward as quickly as possible. I hope you are feeling better these days seemed pretty down in your last post. Hoping with all my might for you!

  2. We were going to do surrogacy about 6 months before I found out that I was pregnant with Cooper. My sister-in-law actually volunteered to be our gestational carrier but our RE said that she needed to lose some weight before we could proceed. We had gone as far as getting all our psyche evals completed and had started meeting with lawyers. Anyways, it is a very complicated process but I hope that things keep moving forward and that you and Dereck get great news in January!

  3. I was JUST thinking about you and then saw this update. So good to hear from you. I can imagine all of that waiting is awful! I'm hoping things progress quickly. Sending love, always.

  4. Nice to get an update from you. Thinking about you always xxxooo

  5. I'm happy to hear things are moving along for you and that progress is being made! Thinking of you :)

  6. I'm sure this is a totally moronic question, but are you expected to ovulate like normal if you are pumping regularly? I had always been told that ovulation temporarily ceased while nursing/pumping. At least for the most part. Is that not right? I don't think I ever had a period the whole time I nursed. Any ways, like I said, moronic question and probably not really the whole point of the post. I'm just curious about the whole process and have following your blog and really hoping/praying/wanting this to happen for you.

    1. When you are nursing/pumping you can still ovulate and get pregnant, just not as easily if you aren't. I have been meaning to write a post about this, but haven't yet. I stopped pumping over 2 months ago. My RE said I couldn't pump through this process because I needed my body to concentrate on producing eggs and not milk. Sadly, my body still just doesn't want to cooperate.

  7. I hope Jan comes here soon with things working out the way you want them

  8. This all sounds really positive, glad things are moving, I know it must seem really slow!
    Thinking of you.

  9. So glad things are moving forward. I think I would have gone BatSh*& crazy if I had to wait a month and a half for my RE to see those images. Can't wait for you guys to start!


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