Thursday, March 26, 2015

Adoption Journey Update 3

March 16, 2015- After seeing multiple cases that either didn't fit what we were looking for, and a few that we considered but decided against, we finally got a case that we decided to submit for. Caucasian baby girl with a due date of August 8th. No drugs or alcohol. Mom is having a hard time supporting the daughter she has and so wants to give this baby more opportunity.

March 17, 2015- Our consultant said that the agency for this case needed profiles by the 18th, and so we needed to electronically submit a pdf of our profile. She also told me that I needed to write a letter to the birth mom and attach it to the email. I was so nervous but I got it wrote up and got it all submitted.

March 20. 2015- Even though the profiles had needed to be in by that Wednesday, apparently the birth mom wouldn't be able to make it the agency until Friday the 20th. So we waited and waited to hopefully get a call from our consultant letting us know the result, that's if she would've been able to make a decision so quickly. Instead, I got an email from our consultant from the agency letting her know that they will hopefully have an answer by Tuesday the next week.

March 23, 2015- I tried not to think about the birth mom's decision all weekend and just hoped for the best. Monday came and I was just finishing a shutterfly book I had made for Max's first year when I got the call. I won't say what state the birth mom lives in, but when I saw a number come up on my phone from said state, I got so excited, and instantly thought, "could this be the actual adoption agency calling me to give me the good news". That's assuming that if it was bad news my consultant probably would've just called me or sent me an email. I was right about the number. Right away the women I spoke to said she had fabulous news for us. She said that out of 13 profiles that were submitted, she picked us. I couldn't believe it. I was jumping up and down. How was this possible. How did we actually get picked out of 13, on our first case we submitted to, and only being a few months into our adoption journey?! We talked for a while about the birth mom and about the agency there and then she said she'd send me some pictures and all the paperwork we needed to do. If we agreed to everything we needed to have the contract signed and our deposit overnighted to them.

March 24, 2015- Anxiety completely set in. Was and am still excited but the fears of her changing her mind about the adoption or one of the 2 father that needs to sign the adoption papers won't give up their rights or will change their mind last minute. I hate that their is still over 4 months of her pregnancy left. Plus, after seeing the ultrasound pictures and even pictures of her, it all seems even more real now.

March 25, 2015- Got the cashiers check and all the paperwork printed off, filled out, and signed.

March 26, 2015- Brought our signed contract, agency paperwork, and deposit to FedEx to get mailed to agency. We're officially doing this! August came come soon enough.

Once the agency gets our paperwork we will have to set up a time to go to the birth mom and agencies state to meet her. It is going to be a completely open adoption and the birth mom wants to meet us before the delivery. We are thinking it'd probably be best to meet her sooner than later and hopefully she'll still love us. Eeeek! I am so nervous but if all of this continues to go the way it has so far, we will have a baby girl before Max's 2nd birthday!!!!!


  1. That is amazing news! Congratulations and fingers crossed for a quick and complication free rest on the process!

    I'm wondering if you could email me the name of your agency? We have a local one we have been considering but I'm not totally in love with them and would like to consider other options.

    Our second son passed away a month ago today (our first son was stillborn almost 5 years ago) and we know another pregnancy is not in the cards for us. I want to badly for my 2 year old daughter to have a living sibling and know in my heart adoption is how we will do it.

    We're obviously not ready to do much on the adoption front yet, but since I don't always sleep very well, I find that I am usually up in the middle of the night looking up adoption information. It's nice to have something that gives you something happy to look forward to.

    1. Can you please email me directly, and then I'll give you my adoption agency name?

  2. Wow, so happy for you! Great news. Wishing you all the best on this journey.

  3. Wishing you and your family only the greatest happiest and joy!

  4. Amazing news!! I'll be counting down to August with you!!

  5. Yay! So excited for you guys! :) I hope everything continues to go smoothly during the process <3

  6. Such wonderful news. Fingers and toes crossed!

  7. Great news! I was so excited while reading that I skipped ahead and missed the best part, then frantically had to go back and re-read! Yay! Our fingers are crossed for you guys.

  8. Hope everything works out as it should! It is a long time, and of course we want birth mom to feel confident that she is making the best decisionfor her family and herself. But if she going to go through with adoption, it is wonderful news for your family!

  9. Becky, I'm seriously so excited. This is absolutely wonderful news. Cannot wait. Cannot wait!!!

  10. Yay! It's going so well because YOU DESERVE something to be easier! So excited for you, can't wait for pictures!!

  11. I have followed your journey for years and kept you close in my thoughts and prayers. I've never commented before, but wanted to now to let you know how happy I am for you and your family. Sending you well wishes and thanking you for openly sharing yourself.

  12. That's amazing! I'll be hoping like crazy that everything goes smoothly for everyone involved!!

  13. OMG! So excited for you 3! Hoping everything is smooth sailing from here on out for you! YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!


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