Sunday, July 12, 2015

Adoption Journey Update 5

Where has time gone. It's been awhile since my last update.

May 15, 2015- June 15, 2015-  I spent the majority of the last half of May between talking to the local nursing boutique, talking to Max's Dr, and seeing a new family practice Dr to discuss inducing lactation with domperidone. I also joined an adoptive breastfeeding group on Facebook. Through them and from a few friends help I learned more about out of the country online pharmacies. My prescription arrived June 15th and I've been taking it every day since. From this point on I'll probably not talk about my inducing lactation journey since I wrote so much about it during my surrogacy journey with Max. It's just me and the pump until the babies born and crossing my fingers it'll goes as well as it did last time.

Here is a page that I learned about from the FB group. It is called Ask Lenore and has a lot of great advice on breastfeeding and inducing lactation.

June  4, 2015- Took part in an adoption webinar from my consulting agency on Preparing for Baby.

June 11, 2015- Took part in another webinar on Hospital Protocol and Preparation.

June 19, 2015- Birthmom had an ob appt today. The adoption lady went with her to the appt so that they could speak with the Dr about the adoption and work on creating the birth plan. At this time the induction was set for August 4th. August 1rst is technically 39 weeks, but it is on a Saturday and they don't induce on weekends. The birth plan paperwork is filled out so far but can always change depending on how our birth mom feels as time draws closer, or could even change the day of delivery. As of now she says that she does want Dereck and I in the room. She also wants us and the baby to have our own room and that once the baby is born to be able to go with us to our room immediately and start to feed her. She says that even though the baby isn't ours until the paperwork is signed, she wants the hospital staff to talk to all of us in regards to the baby's care. She already knows the name we have picked out and says that she will start referring to the baby as that and also use it for the name on the birth certificate. She says she doesn't want any of her family there unless she were to need a c-section, and then would like her mom there. The only thing she isn't so sure of as of now is who is going to hold the baby first. She wants to hold the baby at some point, which she needs to do, but says she may wait until sometime after the baby is with us in our room. So far I think this plan sounds fabulous.

July 7, 2015- Our birthmom had another appt. yesterday. I was able to speak to adoption lady about it today. I guess the induction got moved to august 3rd at 6:45 am! A day sooner, I'll take it! I guess now that we a set and time our adoption lady can start working on the paperwork for the hospital.

July 11, 2015- Dereck spoke to his mom and her and his stepdad are planning to drive down and meet us a few days before the baby's induction date and then plan to stay until we are able to fly home. I am grateful they are coming, especially to help with Max while we are at the hospital and then while completing all of the adoption paperwork. We are also at 36 weeks! So exciting and so scary. Trying to remain as calm as possible and just carry on as normal until its go time.


  1. Good luck and best wishes in the weeks ahead!

  2. OMG! This is so exciting. I sure hope everything continues to go super smoothly and the birth date is chill and as planned.

  3. Getting there! Anxious and hopeful for/with you!

  4. Such an exciting time for you but also a little sad. While youre gaining a daughter a selfless woman is losing one. She is very lucky to have found such a deserving family to care for her baby, I hope that gives her comfort. Looking forward to seeing an update that baby is here safely and home with you.

  5. Lily's birthday is August 3rd so that day usually makes me a little sad but I'm excited to celebrate with you on this day now! How exciting!! Almost there, mama!!

  6. How terribly exciting and scary this must be for you. I hope with all my heart that she'll be born healthy and that the adoption will go smoothly.

  7. Thinking of you and excited for you as you meet your daughter tomorrow morning. Praying for a smooth delivery and adoption.

  8. Thinking of you and hope all is going well and that a healthy baby is in your arms in a few hours...

  9. So today is the big day? Keeping you guys in my thoughts and hoping everything goes smoothly <3


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