Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Adoption Journey Update 7

As well as a 2nd birthday party and adoption finalization party in one

August 25, 2015- Social worker came for post placement visit. The state of Alaska only required one.

August 26, 2015- One of my mom groups through a sip and see for us. It was so sweet. I cried. I still have a hard time with the idea of baby showers, but this was really nice. Also, makes it a lot easier when the baby is here and alive.

September 30, 2015- Court date for finalization. Ruby is officially a Rasmussen!!! That night we had a party for both Max and for Ruby. A 2nd birthday party for Max and an adoption finalization party for Ruby. Of course, it was train themed and the cake was strawberry flavored with reddish frosting. Red for Ruby and also red for adoption. The girl who made it did an amazing job. If you look closely you can see all of our kids are included on the cake. A boxcar with a sign for toddler crossing. A boxcar with a sign for baby crossing. And then a boxcar with a sign for angels crossing with l's and e's on the boxcar to represent Liam and Evelynn.

October 2, 2015- Got our paperwork in the mail saying the adoption was fianlized and that we can expect to get the supplemental birth certicate in around 12 weeks. Once we get that we can finally apply for a birth certificate.

Train cake for Max. Red for Ruby.

Thank you to pinterest for this cool idea for our train themed party.

My big boy on his actual birthday (Sept. 26).
The perfect gift found on etsy for our birthmom.
A necklace for her and one for Ruby.
A Ruby as the stone versus her birthstone.
2 months old already. Such a happy baby, and love those dimples.


  1. Glad Max and Ruby are doing well!

  2. I am so very happy for you and your family.

  3. I just realized the "Max and Ruby" connection. Too cute!! They are both gorgeous, and it's wonderful that she's an official member of the family now. I can't believe Max is two! I hope you have lots of snuggling and settling down to look forward to - seems like you guys have been so busy!

  4. Lots of folks have been supporting you for a long time, I think perhaps you owe them an update.

  5. Dear, I'm so happy for you! Thank you for this wonderful blog! I also can't carry a baby by myself. I was born without an uterus. I just don't have it and this changes everything. I didn't think about having kids till I met my husband. But still I knew something wrong with my body and, when I'll have my own family, I will face some problems inevitably. I met Mike when I was 24. We've been together for 6 years already. First year of our relationships I had been lying to him. It was my biggest mistake… I had been pretending that I'm like the other girls. Once per month I 'had' pain in stomach and bad mood. Only now I see how stupid it was… My husband was the first who talked about having children. I can't tell in words what I felt at that moment. I had dozens of questions in my head. 'Should I tell him now?', 'Should I continue my lie?', 'What will happen when he finds out?' I had been lying half of year more. I pretended I have no clue why we can't conceive. He even thought he is the one who has problems with health. And that was last straw. I told him the truth and we had a huge quarrel. I thought I lost him forever… But love turned out to be stronger! I had never lied to my husband again. After consultation with a doctor and some discussions we decided, that surrogacy is our only solution. We decided to look for clinics abroad. We were afraid to contact agencies, because there are too many scammers among them. We decided to concentrate on Russia and Ukraine. Their prices are much lower. But speaking about Russia, we crossed it off of our list. Russian legislation has a law, which gives surrogate mother same rights for baby as parents have. So sm can leave a baby to herself if she wants. We chose Ukrainian clinic BioTexCom. We read many reviews about it and also this clinic has high rates of successful treatments. Our baby was born last year! We are happy parents now! I wish you and your family all the best!


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