Saturday, February 12, 2011

Remembering the start of it all

So I have decided to write a whole section just on Liam's life, from the struggle of getting pregnant, to the news of the new life growing inside me, to the sad ending. So far I have wrote only about us trying to get pregnant through heading to San Francisco. I know I am missing so many important details about his life. It already seems like forever ago that we first had learned we were even pregnant. His life was so short but in that short time so much had happened, especially once we got to San Francisco. Just even writing what I have so far I have gotten so caught up in all the bad things that were going on I completely was forgetting to write about all of the great times I had while being pregnant.

Last night Dereck and I also went out for a friends birthday. We have gone out a few times since we have been back home and even have had a few game nights with friends, but last night I would say was the first night I felt happy. I was laughing, did a little dancing, and lots of talking, it was the first time I'd say I let myself have fun without thinking about Liam the whole time. I have so many moments with friends that I want to start crying because the only thing on my mind is how much I miss him. Tonight Dereck and I are going to go to a friends for pizza and games, maybe tonight will go as well as last.

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