Friday, March 23, 2012

32 Weeks or 8 Months

5 Weeks and counting!

I could tell in the past couple weeks that baby girl had to have moved from breech to down facing because of the high kicks near my ribs I was getting. It's all together not that important since I am having a c-section but it was nice knowing that if I wasn't planning that, things were going in the right direction.

31 weeks
 You can see from my 28 week photo compared to my 31 week photo that I have gotten significantly bigger and she's finally sitting higher versus hanging out in my pelvis like she used to always do. Must mean she's growing, right? (I decided not to include todays's 32 week photo, wasn't too fond of it.)   
At my last Perinatologist appt. she was in the 18th percentile and I was worried it was going to go down again. Can't help those thoughts that's just how my blm brain works. At my appt. on Wednesday she actually moved up to the 28th percentile and weighs approx. 3lbs. 13ounces, almost 4 lb.s. Hearing that made me one happy momma.

Even though nothing serious has actually ever came up at any of these appts I have always left feeling worried because of random little things that have been said that could or could not pose a risk, but when I left that appt. on Wednesday I felt great!

She was hiccuping a lot at this appt and I loved that I could see her hiccuping on the u/s. Here are some photos from my Perinatologist appt. on Wednesday. I just love seeing that sweet face. Too bad I have to wait 4 weeks to see it again, but then a week or so after that she will be here. Woohoo!
I had to include this one because I love that she already has so much hair, just like her brother did.
Got Liam's scrapbook stuff back out again, still trying to get it finished before baby girl arrives.
I have been nesting like crazy, actually for the past month or so already.
I have had the car seat in for over a week now. Hoping to get my dogs used to the fact that the entire back of the Jeep is no longer all theirs.
Met with another Pediatrician. A friend referred this dr. to me since she is doing her nurse practitioner intern with him and really likes him. It is a husband and wife run practice and I love the way they run things. I was also able to talk comfortably to them about Liam and how its important for me to find a dr. that understands what I have been through and that I might be a little neurotic at first.


  1. Yay for 32 weeks! I love these ultrasound pics of her...they are so clear. She is so cute already :) the nesting just gets worse as you get closer to your due date, lol. Not too much longer to go, though! :)

  2. Enjoy nesting! Your picture is just too cute!

  3. Wonderful that she's growing so well, that your scan went well and that you've found a great paed :) Not long now :)) Hope time flies by for you xoxo

  4. I can't believe how much hair she has! That's awesome. Only a few more weeks! :)

  5. She is so beautiful! Congrats on 8 months-- a true milestone!

  6. Hope it goes fast!I cant wait to see her hair!xo

  7. Love her pictures! Thinking of you <3

  8. I love all that baby hair! It's beautiful, and just calling out for little barrettes! :)

    So glad you're doing well, nesting, and the official count-down is on.


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