Friday, March 30, 2012

33 Weeks, 28 Days To Go!

At my Ob appt. on Wednesday we discussed setting my c-section date, finally. My present Ob Dr. wants to do it at exactly 37 weeks, which is exactly 4 weeks from now. That's less than a month, holy crap! I've been waiting for what seems like forever to get to this point and its finally less than a month away.

So tentatively we now have a date that baby girl will be here, but I guess it could still change. I mentioned this before that we are waiting to see if my normal Ob Dr. will be able to do my surgery or not since she has been out for her own medical leave, so that could cause my c-section date to change, but only by a matter of a few days, and who's counting anyways. Oh that's right, I am, 28 days!!!! I will be able to see her at my next Ob appt in two weeks and find out for sure.

That night after my Ob appt I had a dream about baby girl. First dream I have had about her. Maybe it was hearing the dr. set a c-section date made things seem even more real. Who knows. I have always had pretty vivid dreams, most often bad ones, but the crazy thing about most of them is how in my sleep somehow I can change the endings to my dreams. It's like a book where you can chose your own ending, if I don't like one ending I can go back and change it. It isn't always the case that my dream replays and everything turns out great that time around but it turns out different, sometimes for the better and sometimes worse. I don't really have control over this, it just happens a lot.

The first part of my dream started out with me heading to the hospital for my c-section. I was put in a dark room and was completely put under. I woke up sometime later, the room still pretty dark, no Dr. or anyone else in sight, and I had about 5 different scars across my stomach, and I no longer had a baby bump. Apparently in my dream I had lost the baby. That one really sucked!

Second part to that dream I was back heading to the hospital. Most of the details I don't recall but baby girl was born alive and healthy. I was so excited. She didn't even need the NICU and they let us both go home the next day. Strange part about it is that when we left we had this old, junky, plastic carseat to put her in and the vehicle we had was this old, crappy, little car that somehow we piled like six people in. Why and who they all were, I don't know. Then instead of going home we went to a bar, went shopping, and a few other places I don't recall and I was getting so mad because all I wanted to do was breastfeed my newborn baby. It was then going on like day two of having her and she hadn't eaten yet and I was freaking out because I couldn't figure out how to get her to eat and we wouldn't stop moving for long enough for me to work on it. Might have been a few more details I don't recall but more less then the dream was over.

Better ending because she was alive and healthy but not sure what the rest of all that was about.


  1. Yay for 28 days! So glad that you have a date to look forward to now :)

  2. So weird about the second part of your dream, because I read a different blog yesterday, can't remember which, and the poster had dreamed she forgot to feed her baby, and hadn't ever fed her baby. Maybe it's a play on that self-doubt and fear that's so normal for parents-to-be?

    It must feel comforting to have a tentative date. Can't wait to see this all unfold, and for you to have your beautiful girl safely in your arms!

  3. Wonderful that you have a date :)) Not long now at all :) xoxo

  4. Becky, woohoo for getting a date set! Thinking of you and hoping these next few weeks go quickly for you.


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