Friday, April 6, 2012

34 Weeks and Another Dream

3 Weeks to go!

Still so excited, just can't wait to meet her!

Although I think my subconscious is trying to tell me differently. Last week I had that strange set of dreams about delivering baby girl and now last night I had another. This time I had went to see my Ob, the present one not my normal one, and he wanted to take a look "down there" to see how things were progressing. I don't know how many weeks I was at this appt. but he told me something about being effaced and the number 4. Since I don't know too much about all that terminology since I've always known I was not going to have a normal delivery, nor have I ever been this pregnant before, I had and still have little to no idea what he was talking about.
After that he went on to tell me about how everything appears to be going well with the baby and that he thinks we should go to 40 weeks now and no longer thinks a c-section is needed. In my dream I was screaming my head off at him on how stupid that idea was and that I can't wait another couple of weeks for my baby to get here, and what was he trying to do kill me.
Then he says, "oh by the way, since we are no longer having a scheduled c-section there is a good chance that neither me nor your normal Ob will be delivering your baby, that it'll just be whoever is on call the day I come in." Again in my dream I have the biggest, freak out, panic attack of my life on what these Dr.'s are trying to do to me. Do they want me to go crazy?
A few other things happened after the screaming stopped that I don't recall and then my alarm went off. I just love it when I wake with my head aching because it feels like I was getting tortured in my sleep.
But seriously is my subconcious trying to tell me something. Is it trying to tell me I am getting too excited, that there is still time for shit to go wrong?


  1. Oh, dear friend, it seems bad dreams have been going around. The last two weeks I have felt the same way in the morning, wondering if I even got any sleep? My dreams have not been about pregnancy or even about River sometimes, but they've been there and I know the toll they take.

    Sending you and baby girl lots of love and prayers. Your dreams, I would think, are like mine and that they really mean very little but it is the only place where our subconscious can let all the fear/worry/anxiety go.


  2. Hormone induced dreams really are crazy vivid aren't they. I hope you get some decent rest in the next few weeks and am sending you and the little one love.

  3. We are just so full of worry, I am having horrid dreams too about something going wrong and I doubt they will stop until my baby is born healthy which is a long ways away.
    Not long for you now, I am excited too!


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