Friday, April 20, 2012

36 Weeks or 9 Months

Busy week this past week.

I have been nesting cooking, with lots of cleaning that still needs to be done. Dereck keeps telling me that he's pretty sure he can make something for me to eat once the baby comes home but I have been crazy with my crock pot lately and then storing it all in my freezer.

Sunday Dereck and I finally sat down and finished the design for Liam's gravestone. It's officially paid for and now we are just anxiously waiting to see the finished product. Every time that I have tried to work on his marker I get super emotional and have to quit working on it immediately, but Sunday I worked through the tears and think I am gonna like the outcome. I say I think because I don't think designing a marker for your babies grave is anything any parent should have to do, but I am happy to have it finished before baby girl arrives. I will post more details and pics of it when it's finished.

Tuesday I had my last Perinatologist appt. I was hoping to get one last picture of baby girl but her face was smashed into the placenta and she also had both hands up blocking it. Oh well, I'll get to see her soon enough I guess. She is measuring in the 21rst percentile, which doesn't bother me anymore like it once did. Plus, if there calculations are correct she is 5 lb.s 6 oz. and if she adds about another half pound or so in the next week she will be right around that 6 lb. mark, which I think is just perfect. My incision looks great. It is thinning a bit, but not anymore than expected with a growing uterus, which is good. I guess there are some adhesion's on the top of my uterus where my incision is but my Perinatologist isn't too concerned about that either since we won't be doing this c-section in that same location, so good good.

Wednesday I had steroid shot one, with the second shot on Thursday, followed by my weekly Ob appt right after. I felt like crap, pretty nauseous and felt like I wanted to throw up all day on Thursday and even when I got to work today I felt the same way. Came to the conclusion that it must be from the shots which then got me all paranoid because then I got worried how it was affecting baby girl. I starting thinking about how with Liam I got the shots on a Friday-Saturday and then he died that following Monday. Not that the shots were on any level related but it still worried me and for the first time in a couple of months I had to get the doppler out last night before bed just to make sure all was well.

My Ob appt didn't end up being like my typical appts have been lately either. What I assumed would be a normal 15 minute check up turned into almost an hour and a half. My Ob asked me right away about how baby girls movements were, which I mentioned that she hadn't moved around much that morning but assumed she was sleeping in. Then as my Ob gets the doppler out to check her heartbeat, which I will add she couldn't find it right away and I started to panic, she starts talking about how we will do a NST just to check things out and depending how that goes we might need to do an u/s and if anything I will have to go to the hospital to Ob triage. I immediately looked at Dereck and give him the WTF is she talking about face and was ready to freak out. Thankfully she found the heartbeat. Whew!

She hadn't got my report back from the Perinatologist yet and was also concerned about how I am still measuring about two weeks behind and worried about my fluids levels around the baby. So depending on how the NST went she would want another look at the fluid levels if we do an u/s. She ended up getting that report though by the end of the appt which showed they had looked good on Tuesday.

We get set up for the NST which we were gonna do for 15 minutes. My Ob comes in about half way through the test and checks on me and informs me that baby girl is failing the test and says she will check back at the end of the 15 minutes and look into getting that u/s set up for me. I am starting to worry now. I mean I am happy that my Ob is being proactive, but in all honestly I can't handle hearing anything that relates to my baby and things not being perfect. Luckily she must have heard the Dr. and woke her butt up because she past the last half of the test with flying colors and we were able to go home with no u/s. Another big whew from me there.

I swear I am still incredibly excited to meet baby girl but my anxiety levels just rose back up this past week and half. I need it to be c-section day NOW! Speaking of which, my c-section got moved from next Friday to Saturday, so one more day of waiting I guess. So 8 more days to officially meet her and 7 days until we reach 37 weeks-full term! I will meet with my Ob once more next Friday also for one last check up and then head over to the hospital right after to get my pre-op stuff taking care of.

Can't wait!


  1. So excited for you. Praying that this next week will go quickly for you and that next Sat. you will be cuddling that sweet baby girl in your arms! :)

  2. I am so excited for you guys, too! Oh my goodness how time flies. I feel terrible for not writing you. I've sat down multiple times and started, but I'm never happy with the email and end up saving a draft. Just as well, though, with the last minute nesting and preparations you've been up to! Anyway, hope the rest of the pregnancy and delivery both go smoothly, and grow baby GROW!

  3. Will be thinking of you this week. I'm not sure what the week has in store for me, but I will comment if it's not too crazy, stressful and hectic, but just wanted you to know you will be in my thoughts just in case I don't have a have to tell you. Can't wait to see her and hear her name!!

  4. Wow so close now, it is exciting!Hopefully it goes fast for you, sounds like everything is falling into place and your all ready for baby girls arrival. xo

  5. Thinking of you over the next week... not long now :)) xoxo

  6. Wow! So close! Hope this next week flies by for you and she's here before you know it!

  7. So soon! I'm glad your OB is being so proactive, even though I know it's scary to have appointments that aren't routine.

  8. Oh you're so close. I'm cheering for little sister's arrival.

    Remembering your sweet Liam always. xx

  9. Glad to hear everything is going well! She will be here soon!!!!


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