Friday, June 14, 2013

Liam and Evelynn's Garden

I had started my garden project last summer after Evelynn passed away. At the time I had made the garden fairly small with mostly pinks for Evelynn, yellows for Liam, and white daisies for all of us and because I love them. I had wanted to make it larger and grow, as my babies would if they were here. Garden fever had taken over in early May and it truly was what got me through the month, as it was emotionally very hard on me. I can't wait until everything blooms. Here is their garden from last summer. 
View down from our deck

Gorgeous bench and planter

Evelynn's corner, full of pinks- peonies and dainthus

A memorial stone I got for Liam shortly after he passed away.

I added more colors this year- yellow/orange trollius, yellow and orange iceland poppies, yellow and red asciatic lilies, and chocolate lilies, the daisies from last summer are slowly starting to come up in back. 
Finally found a home for their rocks in their garden. Max has one getting made with his name on it as I write this.

Their potentillas are coming back. I planted a clematis between them and some pink forget-me-nots in front of them. Then I planted more peonies, tulips and some columbines around their rocks.
The ferns are coming back and then I planted more pink forget-me-nots and some himalayan poppies. To the left of these the primula is slowly coming back up and to the right of these is a rspberry plants, one bleeding heart is coming back, I planted some meadow rue, and dropped a bunch of ferget-me-not and alpine poppy seeds.
A little spot in our house just for them

Liam's buckets from his burial and Evelynn's pots from her funeral and burial


  1. Lovely garden! I love the pinwheel. What type of flowers are planted in the beautiful planter? I'm sorry to hear May was a difficult month for you.

  2. I love it! I also have a memorial garden for my baby girl :)

  3. Beautiful- I didn't realize there were such things as pink forget me nots.

    I love your garden- it's really coming together. Glad it's helped you through the month of May. xox

  4. Beautiful! I love peonies. Also love the bench, planter, and memorial stones <3

  5. This has turned out so beautiful and is such a lovely tribute. Watching it "grow" as your children should. Ugh I just wish they were here!

  6. So beautiful!! It's wonderful that the gardening is a therapeutic way to honor your sweet babies, and bring so much beauty to the world, just as they did and should still be doing, but yes, just wish so much that they were here with you! Of course.. nothing you haven't already felt and thought a bazillion times! ((hugs))

  7. Beautiful! I can't wait to see pictures of everything in bloom! Such a lovely tribute...

  8. That is gorgeous, Becky. I'm seriously impressed with your gardening skills!

    That bench and flower box looks lovely as ever in your yard as well. Thanks for sharing those beautiful stones with your babies' names on them, too. <3

  9. thinking of you and those amazing children of yours. sending you so much love, Becky! <3


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