Thursday, October 13, 2011

Remembering The Light

Last night I went to the Remembering the Light Ceremony here in Anchorage. This was for anyone who has lost any loved one no matter the age. Dereck was gone at work so a good friend of mine came along with me and another made a lantern for me to bring.
We made the lanterns and then we got to light them and float them on the water. I was nervous about ruining mine because I wanted to keep them so I placed mine on the ice and then my friend placed here's with the rest in the water. It was beautiful!

My lantern
Other side of lantern
Liz's lantern
Brooke's lantern
Other side of lantern
Brooke's other lantern


  1. The lanterns are beautiful. Remembering you and Liam always...

  2. What a lovely idea... you're lanterns are gorgeous xoxo

  3. I love this idea. Seeing all the lanterns together must have been captivating. Tomorrow night we're going to an event in Atlanta called Rainbow of Roses. They have blossoms that look similar to a magnolia or water lily, and the flowers are laid across a field with a lit candle in the center of each flower.


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