Friday, October 14, 2011

9 Weeks

According to my pregnancy app. today my baby is now considered a fetus! Yay!

As I have said many times already and will say it again that I do have lots of excitement for this pregnancy, this baby. I know its still early but I just have been itching to do things and buy things for this baby already. I was the same with Liam also. So this week I decided to buy the infant sling for my Chariot. I am still just so excited to use that thing. I just keep telling myself that next summer it will finally get used, next summer.

So the excitement I had after hearing the heartbeat is still there, its just not quite like it was. I have had a lot of paranoia return, especially since I got a nasty cold this past weekend. Having this cold on top of already being tired and nauseous really wiped me out, but I was too paranoid too want to take anything for it. That's even after my dr. told me what I could take.

I decided on Monday that the paranoia and stress are really no good for my baby and maybe I needed to make an appt. with a counselor again. I was scared to see someone new after the last incident I had with that witch of a counselor though.

I had loved the counselor I saw after Liam first passed, but then after only a few months of seeing her she left the state. She said she was planning on returning sometime this fall, but wasn't quite sure when. I decided to call that counselors office just to see if they knew when she was coming back. I was so grateful when I was told she had just returned and that they could get me in the next day.

I went and saw her then on Tuesday morning and it went really well. As of right now I am also scheduled every Tuesday until the end of the year and I probably need to stick with it. Just talking to someone, even friends, really helps to lower my anxiety, which is what I need, for my babies sake at least.

Part of this paranoia is because I still can't seem to drop the idea that I have listeria. I had to call my dr.s office again on Monday because I was freaking about it. First there are things I am not supposed to consume because I am pregnant, then there was the canteloupe outbreak, and then now there was a romaine outbreak, and the romaine came from Alaska, ahhhh! I'm pretty sure I have eaten both of those items in the past month or so. I just keep getting told that I'm fine and that the chances are so slim, but I have been on the bad side of statistics, slim means theres a chance. Plus, one mother has already miscarriaged because of the romaine incident. So damn right I am freaking out about that.

I really, really, really, hope this counseling helps.


  1. Im sticking with my counseling now too. I need it just as badly! Hope it helps relieve some anxiety!

  2. You're a day ahead of me (I've been trying to figure this out from the last few posts. lol).

    I SO hear you on the listeria worry. I am anxious about eating salads and vegetables in general, and thanks to the cantaloupe, I'm scared of fruit now, too. I'm terrified about Listeria and Salmonella. Terrifying stuff.

    Glad to hear your counsellor is back! :)

  3. Congrats on hitting 9 weeks!! :) It's so exciting hitting a new week or milestone. That's awesome that you were able to get in with that counselor that you liked before & I hope it helps you out with the anxiety(I definitely understand feeling anxious, though!)


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