Wednesday, May 4, 2011

The Countdown Has Begun

Here is the one big thing that I feel I can look forward to and that is bringing me hope right now. I know it is probably way to soon to be starting a countdown on the number of days till I can stop the pill, but I just want that time to be here now. Stopping the pill means starting chlomid, ovulating (hopefully), followed by an IUI, which, crossing my fingers, will lead to me being prego again. I know I probably am a huge dork for doing this but the countdown begins now and:

In exactly 31 more days, that's one month, I will be stopping the pill and hopefully my next pregnancy journey will begin!
Now time just needs speed up

Crap, so I guess I suck at counting days and its actually 38 days, how the hell did I manage to miss a whole week in my counting. 31 days sounded much better :(


  1. For the Love of Baby Liam I fing hope you get pregnant soon. :)

  2. Exciting! I hope you get pregnant asap too :)

  3. Great to have something to look forward and a month will fly by before you know it xoxo

  4. Hugely exciting! I hope it happens right away for you!

  5. Thanks everyone! Come on June 10th, get here now!

  6. I am so glad you get to try again soon. That's awesome! I hope the time flies for you and you get pregnant with your rainbow right away. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!! :)


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