Friday, May 13, 2011

Naturopath Doctor? Not Sure What To Think...

Decided to check out a naturopath doctor the other day in regards to infertility and also just trying to get myself in the best over all health possible for another pregnancy. I am already in counseling and doing acupuncture, but I have never saw a naturopath doctor before, but thought I'd check it out thinking it can't hurt to get other persepectives.
Pretty much think I left more stressed out and confused than before I went. I still don't even know what to think. She was throwing so much at me at one time and I couldn't even manage to come up with any questions. By the time I left I had 5 different supplements and was put on a 3 week body detox cleanse. Oh and these supplements costed over $200 and not covered by insurance. Oh, and that's only one months worth. Not to mention I had a crap load of lab work done, hope insurance covers that. I am so mad I did not speak up and say something sooner, but that's how I get at new doctors, overwhelmed and can't think or speak, and just take what they give me.
What does everyone else think? Anyone else ever go to a naturopath doctor? I am assuming the supplements are no different than the multivitamins I am already taking, just more expensive and not sure what to think about the detox, but I paid alot of money for it. You see I have always been against any kind of detox/cleanse, any diet really, and doing this would make me feel like kind of hypocrite.
I feel like I eat really healthy anyway and pretty much everything on the cleanse diet list are things I don't even normally eat, it is more of a gluten free based diet, so I would have to shop for a lot of things. I can't have dairy, and I eat yogurt pretty much everyday for breakfast. I love Kashi stuff, but can't eat any of that because it has barley, rye, and a few other ingredients that I can't have. Good thing I love fruits, veggies and chicken though. GRRR!
I know the detox is only for 3 weeks but I don't think I can do it, call me weak if you need to but I just don't understand the point of this. I also can't be on the cleanse while ttc, because if I am pregnant the baby will be missing a lot of nutrients. This crap just confuses me. Plus, what was wrong with my prenatal vitamins or did they just want to sell me their's so they could make extra money? Geez, I suck, what to do?
I have an appointment in 2 weeks to go over my lab work, but unsure if I should keep it. I would love it if someone could figure out why my hormones and ovulation is so screwey, but think I'm more of a western medicine kind of girl. Although I think I will stick to the acupuncture.
I just now called and left a message for the doctor, she will probably think I am crazy for calling back and saying I don't think this is something I want to do, not to mention I just can't afford it, and the worst part is that this crap is nonrefundable. I feel like I have to use it all, even the cleanse, or I'll be wasting money.
Any thoughts, or do you all think I sound as crazy as I feel?


  1. Hmm, I don't know much about naturopath doctors so I won't be much help. I don't know about trying a detox right before TTC, but then again, I'm not a doctor. I'm more of a western medicine girl myself, lol. If you don't feel comfortable with it, I wouldn't force it...

    Good luck with whatever you decide to do, though!! I'm thinking about you and sending positive thoughts your way!

  2. I've never been to such a doctor - I like western med myself. If you decide to try it, I hope it works. You have the products, so maybe it would be worth a try.

  3. I've never heard the term naturopath doctor (am that dumb). But like you said I become tongue tied when I meet new doctors. I met one few weeks ago, wanted to ask a lot of questions but ended up asking only a few which I feel weren't enough at all.
    Wish you good luck with this. I hope something works out. (For you and for me too).


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