Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Our Carrier Is Pregnant 34 Weeks/8.5 Months

That's right, just a few days ago we hit 34 weeks! So I thought I would give you all another update because we are getting so close. I leave town in just 7 days. Eeek! Max's is bag is completely backed, other than that I need to throw in a few more pumping things before I leave. Thank you to everyone for your thoughts on what I should and should not bring along. I took everyone's advice and decided to wait on the cloth diapering then until we get back. I have so many newborn diapers that I had bought for Evelynn that I might as well just bring those along and use them up anyway. Dereck's sister is also super awesome and has already brought up a whole bunch of baby stuff to Dereck's grandmas, who we will be staying with.
Jessica had her 34 week appt a couple days ago as well. She said that Max is still high but cervix is about a fingertip. Apparently that is good news, especially because their is softening already. I honestly don't know what most of this means, but I guess it will help make everything go smooth if we do make it to the induction date. Which did I mention is just 5 weeks away!!!
Jessica will be heading out of state for the holiday weekend and I am a little nervous. Her Dr. gave her the go ahead, and I trust her completely, but the "something is going to go wrong" thoughts seem to come nonetheless. Trying to breath and believe things will be okay.
I also can't believe I am doing this but somehow I am doing a "how much will Max weigh at birth contest". So all my Alaskan friends and many of my coworkers know about it and are taking part in it. The crazy thing is that I feel okay about it, actually kind of excited to see who is going to win. I really didn't think I would ever get comfortable enough in this pregnancy to do anything like this, especially since I refuse to do any sort of other baby celebrating until he's here.
But you know how I said in my last post, the "Right Where I Am" one where I wrote I was mainly just jealous of others and their babies? Well the evil "oh I hate you and your perfect little baby girl" came out the other day. Guess maybe I am still a little bit more bitter than I thought. It still gets me how some women and babies can bother me more than others.
Operation Bring Milk Back for Max:
Last week I decided I should start trying to measure my milk since it seemed I was actually starting to get a pretty significant amount out while pumping and massaging. I recorded the amount from my morning session on August 22nd and was able to get about 5 ml(so less then a 1/4 ounce) of milk in the bottles between pumping and massage. Four hours later at the next pump I got about 1/4 ounce and then added almost another 1/4 ounce with the massage. So I was close to getting a 1/2 ounce in one session. I was excited to know that at that rate I should be producing at least an ounce a day now.
Then 2 days ago, 3 weeks into taking the Domperidone, I got a little over 1 whole ounce during my morning pump!!! I can't believe just 7 days earlier I was getting just a little over an ounce a day and now I produced a little over an ounce in one session. Love this drug!!!
In the past week I have had a couple of headaches, which I know can be a sign of taking this med, so not sure if they were from it or not. Also, a week ago I noticed a few zits on my face. I rarely ever get pimples, and they are getting worse. I have them all over my face and even on my chest, and they itch. I haven't read anywhere that pimples are a side effect of this drug, but not sure what's causing them. Maybe its from my hormones being so out of whack?? But even in the past 2 years after all I've been through I've never had this happen. Plus, I get worried because when I donated last summer I broke out in a huge rash all over body and wondered if it was related to lactating or pumping. I wasn't on this med then, but getting a little concerned if my body has issues with producing milk. Anyone else have any kind of an increase in pimples or rashes on their body during breast feeding or pumping? I look like I am going through puberty again.


  1. Excited for you!!! And praying all goes well!

  2. I laughed a little at the puberty comment. Makes you feel really sexy, right?

    I'm so anxious about Max's arrival. Mostly because I want it to be soon and hope it all goes well, of course. Time cannot hurry fast enough.

    I think the weight poll is not really a big deal... why? Because all babies (including Liam and Evelynn) were born with weight. They were real people and really did weigh a decent amount. And so will Max. I totally get not celebrating or throwing parties, but I think it's sweet that you're showing some healthy excitement and others are too. It IS exciting, even if totally terrifying at the same time, you know?

    And HOORAY for the milk! That's amazing. I'm pretty sure you should be a wet nurse. ;)

  3. SO amazing and exciting about the milk! That is really impressive! I am so hopeful for you and lucky little brother Max. xoxo

  4. When I was pregnant (both times) I had the acne of a teenager as well. It was all hormonal. Could be the meds, could be the natural hormones you are triggering with those meds.

    For the record, I'm guessing 7lbs, 9 oz. Can't wait to see if I'm right!

  5. Yay!!! Are you allergic to the material the horns on the pump are made of? But the rash would probably be just localized and not every where? Good luck, I love your updates! I bet that is scary her going out of town:( just wrap her in bubble.wrap and she'll be good!

  6. Never get pimples?! My skin is way worse pregnant and took a while when nursing to balance out so I think it definitely could be a hormone thing!

    So, so soon! Yet not soon enough. 6lbs, 8oz :)

  7. Oh, I'm getting sooooo excited for you Becky! And YAY for milk! Way to go momma!

  8. Okay, so I've just learned a lesson about writing at least something short - so I'm writing at least something short! I've started responses to the last two posts at least 5 times and never gotten to finish any of them due to interruptions. But oh Becky, have I been keeping up on you. As so many of us, my stomach flutters and my anxiety level rises every time I think of you and all your kids. Please god let this time fly and let that beautiful boy Max come home to rest safely in your arms. Safely and wiggly and squeaky and joyfully!!
    How THRILLING about your milk?!?! That's nothing short of miraculous itself, and I'm super excited for you. Can't speak to the puberty (selective memory, I'm pretty sure), but my guess is it won't last long - or, will be totally worth it, regardless. :)
    Of course I have to go (damn the short naps!), but I've been wanting to say for the last three months that I THINK your GC is close to us in the Twin Cities, is that right? If so, oh-my-good-god I would love to get together with you. As I'm sure would the other BLM I know here in the Cities. Am home full time, so could help you pass the hours as you wait for Max's arrival.
    And by the way, the phrase oh-my-good-god? Don't so much go for God these days. Nor would I say he's 'good'. Just for the record. :)
    Regardless of whether we get to see you... ohhh, waiting with bated breath for Liam's and Evelynn's little brother.
    Oh! And, I'm with Brandy on why the weight game is so significant.
    My guess...7 lbs 1 oz. :)

    1. I sent you an email. Let's definitely get together!

  9. I'm voting 8lbs even.

    Max is going to be so lovely and I can't wait until he's here and in your arms.

    Your milk is doing so great- when you see that baby you are going to be SPRAYING everywhere, I'm sure of it. CAN'T wait.


  10. Haha to Laura! I just had an image of you spraying all over the hospital room... sorry! But I'm so happy Operation BBMFM is going as planned! :D Actually, I'm just so happy for you....... I'm sure all of us are just wishing these next few weeks away so that you can hold your beautiful little man!!!
    And my guess is................... 6lbs 13oz.

  11. glad to hear that max will be arriving soon!!! i am really really really happy for you :) i have been a silent reader, and also fertility challenged, still working towards getting my own rainbow failure after failure.

  12. So so so excited that September is HERE! Finally! Max's birth month. How awesome! I can't wait to see pics and hear that all is well...that you have your very own living, breathing, healthy, beautiful baby in your arms. You deserve this a million times over.

    Good luck with the flight and the remainder of your wait!

  13. The time is gonna fly by! Can't wait to see him here safely in your arms!

  14. Waiting ever so impatiently for any little update! LOL


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