Wednesday, June 22, 2011

The Chariot

Chariot Cougar 2 chassis

The first thing I ever bought for Liam was a chariot, the Chariot Cougar 2 to be exact. If you don't know what it is, well it is only the coolest invention ever for an active parent! I think I was only a month pregnant when I was already searching Craigslist for one. There are a couple different models you can buy, along with tons of attachments for whatever activity you are doing. For anyone who doesn't know anything about them I'll explain a little on why I think they are so awesome and hope you agree. When you go to buy a chariot you are just buying the chassis and have to get all of the attachments separately. You also need to decide if you want a one seater or two seater. I bought the two seater of course, because I want at least 2-3 babies, and want to be sure I can take them everywhere. There is a bike attachment you can also purchase so that you can pull your little ones behind you on your bike. You can also get a sidecar attachment if you'd prefer that instead. You can get the front side wheels to make it a stroller and/or the one large front wheel to turn it into a jogger. There is also a skiing and hiking attachment as well.

I ended up finding mine on Craigslist for an amazing deal and it looked barely used, perfect! Like I said above the one I bought was the Chariot Cougar 2 chassis and the seller also had the bike attachment, jogger, and stroller attachments. Included also was an infant sling for use with babies 1 to 10 months in age. Once Liam got older I would probably end up buying the Baby Supporter for infants 6-18 months old as well. The seller did not have the ski attachment which I also really wanted. The ski attachment is quite spendy, well chariots in general are really spendy, but all the awesome crap tends to be, and that is why I searched Craigslist first. My husband convinced me to wait on buying the ski attachment since Liam wouldn't have been able to use it until the following winter anyway, so I had time. I would have eventually bought it though to take him cross country skiing with me and probably also got him the bunting bag to keep him warm. There is also a hiking attachment but I figured I didn't need that because I would just carry Liam on my chest or back in a carrier instead of buying that.

This past winter I did get out a few times skiing after Liam passed away but luckily I never came across anyone skiing with their chariot. This spring I had seen quite a bit of people out with there chariots and strollers and tried to not let it bother me, but now it is summer.  I should have at least a 3 month old by now or if he would have been able to be resuscitated but still had to be delivered then I would have a 5 1/2 months old. Either way you look at it Liam should be here with me enjoying our first summer together. 

I would give anything to be that happy mom out for either an afternoon jog or bike ride with the dogs and my little boy riding along. But summer is here, luckily my energy is back, and I have been trying to get out as much as possible. I will continue to be out hiking, biking, and jogging like I have many summers in the past, but the chariot will have to be left at home in storage. Hopefully next summer the chariot will be able to make an appearance strolling around the neighborhood with Liam's little brother or sister in it.

Did anybody else have an similar type of item that they were super excited to get and bought as soon as they new they were pregnant to use with there new baby? outside of nursery, baby clothes, feeding supplies, stuff like that

Friday is my ultrasound to check the follicles and see how they reacted to the clomid. I am so frigging' excited and nervous all at once. This coming weekend should be the weekend that will hopefully mark the start of another pregnancy. I know many of you other blm's out there are in the process of ttc right now also and I want you to know that I have been praying everyday for all of us that this is going to be the month.


  1. Hands down I was counting down the days until I could use my UppaBaby stroller, and also my Moby wrap.

    I got to use my swaddlers, which I LOVE and can't wait to use again.

    Good luck w/ the u/s for the follies. I wish I got the u/s! :)

  2. I recall being VERY caught up in all the name brand (especially Eddie Bauer) stuff before Carson was born. Needless to say, we eventually moved beyone the "unnecessary" items for baby #2. Your chariot looks cool though. I will say this much though. You definitely don't need a wipes warmer :)

  3. The chariot looks amazing. I would have got the 2-seater as well.

    My follicle (I produced one this month) is good and my LH has surged and if I'm going to get pregnant, it will be in the next few days. Hopefully we are celebrating a BFP together in 2 weeks. I love that you are praying for all of us who are TTC right now. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

  4. Clothes, I had all these outfits I bought for Jack, I jumped ahead and bought up to five yrs old, he also never got to use his crib. When he was home for the first 3 months we used a bassinet with wheels so we could moniter his condition by wheeling him all over with us and always keep him in the same room with us.

  5. Chariot is beautiful. Wish this is your month


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