Sunday, June 26, 2011

Second Appeal Letter And Follicle Check

That's what I get to work on today. After 2 months of waiting I finally hear back from my insurance company about my first appeal letter in regards to my flex spending account. DENIED! This just pisses me off! I missed that deadline by 6 fricken days. Ahhhh! I'm sorry people my son died, I was incredibly depressed and stressed and healing from surgery. Oh and did I mention I was planning a funeral. Grrrr! I can't believed they denied it. So here I am trying to write a second appeal letter. Is there anything I can say that will actually change there mind. Nothing has changed and no new information has came up for me to submit. I shared with them my reasoning and I think its a pretty damn good one. I have always been the person to pay bills and do other paperwork on time and the one time I don't I get double screwed. Not only did we already pay that money into our flex account, but we still had to pay those bills, so we get to lose double the money unless they can decide to have a little sympathy for me. GRRRR!

Had my u/s follicle check appt. Friday morning and my follicles were not quite big enough yet. My Dr, and me, were hoping this weekend they would be, but now I have to go back in on Tuesday and get them looked at. I am happy she wants to help me every step of the way with this to ensure my best chances of getting pregnant, but all these ultrasounds, that insurance doesn't cover because its for infertility, is crazy expensive.
I know she also said this to me last year on my u/s's, but when she see's two follicles close in size and tells me I could end up with twins I get all excited thinking "me, really, a chance at twins". I get that idea stuck in my head and then if I don't end up pregnant I am doubly disappointed. I know the chances are still small, and would be super worried about my uterus holding up, but I think twins would be awesome. Challenging yes, but I just think it would be a nice addition to the story.


  1. keeping my fingers crossed for you! That really truly sucks about your appeal... must be somebody without a heart who decides these things!

  2. Becky, I hope you have success with this cycle.

    My suggestion about the appeal...get on the phone and keep asking for the person in charge or Supervisor for your appeal. I'd keep calling till I got a VP or someone higher up who makes the final decision and plead your case. I wouldn't give up but this is just my opinion especially from my years of working in HR, someone at your FSA company will have a heart and decide to let it get approved. Good luck and hugs to you.

  3. I'm sorry about your appeal; I think your reasoning is more than good enough. Is there anyone you could talk to about the appeal?

    I hope your ultrasound on Tuesday goes well. Keeping my fingers crossed for you!! :)

  4. crossing fingers that someone has a heart and approves your appeal!
    will be sending love and prayers your way for u/s tomorrow.

  5. Wish there is some good news from your end today

  6. I am sorry to hear about your insurance. These companies can be so heartless. I hope that you got some good news at your appt!

  7. Thanks so much this is just what ive been looking for.@bose
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