Thursday, May 16, 2013

May- Part 2: The day after Mothers Day. A Day Worth Remembering

I wasn't going to write about Mother's Day this year as I really felt I had nothing new to say about that day that was different than what I've said the past 2 years since Liam passed. I hate the day. I am jealous of everyone who has their children in their arms. All the cards and pictures of Mothers day stuff posted all over facebook from happy mothers made me cry.  However, I am forever grateful for all the people that thought about me that day, the ones that remembered and recognized that I am a mom and through that showed me that they remembered my babies, and that really is the greatest gift anyone can give me.

Here's a fun little story about my mothers day 2013.

As many of you know, or have read, I have been having a pretty hard time lately. I woke up that morning and was happy to have seen the comments from people who emailed, texted, messaged, and so forth that let me know I was thought of that day, but for the most part I just tried go about my day as normal. I stayed occupied most of the day with doing a run through of my triathlon that is this coming weekend, went rock climbing, and started to get my garden stuff organzied. I have some serious garden fever going on.

Then that night happened and my dog got super sick, as in projectile diarrhea all over my Jeep and in the house on the floors, stairs, and walls. Cleaning that up was not what I wanted to do. Happy Mothers to me! I decided to just do a quick clean and figured I would do a better job after work on Monday, but I just couldn't handle that right now.

After work on Monday I was dreading what my evening was going to entail. I got the Jeep cleaned, somewhat, but it will be getting detailed next week because it really was everywhere. Then I figured that since I had already been cleaning crap, literally, I might as well finish cleaning the backyard up of the winters worth of dog poo-which needed to be done nonetheless. As I scooped the poop I cussed and bawled my eyes out the whole time about how I hated my stupid life. I was being very over dramatic about it, but it had already not been a good week for me.

Then I went and got the mail. This is the point everything changed for me and made for another very awesome, minus the not having your baby here, just a day belated mothers day.

First, I got this in the mail from Jessica along with all of the u/s pics that had been done so far of Max. I cried some more at how thoughtful that was of her.

Then I decided to rake the front yard, unknowing that my FABULOUS friend Liz and her husband had been circling my neighborhood waiting for me to go inside so they could drop off this beautiful planter for me in memory of Evelynn.

In Loving Memory of Evelynn Augusta Rasmussen. The Sorrow of Losing You Does Not Overshadow the Joy of Being Able to Love you!
Remember this bench? The beautiful bench that my amazing Alaskan family gave me for Mothers 2011 after Liam passed. You can read more about that here if you would like to know about that. 

The doorbell had rang and there was a note on my doorstep that had told me to look in my backyard. I don't have the note on me as I type this, but it pretty much said that they wished I had my baby here instead of a planter, but they just wanted to let me know that they were thinking of me. And of course signed from your Alaskan family.

So I cried, and cried, and cried some more and all my worries and stress just kind of went away as I thought about the amazing people I have in my life. They go above and beyond to let me know they are here for me, remembering my babies, and want more than anything for me to finally bring a baby home.

It was definitely a day worth remembering.


  1. Of course you're a Mom. No one should forget it. Glad the day ended on a high note.

  2. Last comment was from me...stupid Google account always defaults to the husband's account.

  3. Oh that made me cry. So glad you have that love surrounding you. And what a gorgeous planter. I love and the inscription.

  4. That planter and bench are just beautiful.

    I know Mother's Day sucks. A full day to remind you of all you miss...but rest assured. You will always be remembered for being the wonderful mom to Liam and Evelynn, you made two beautiful children and deserve to be celebrated.

    I think I've written this before, but your friend Liz just gets it. I'm so thankful you have such a wonderful friend. Such a rare kind.

    Glad that day was over (poo fest 2013?), but so happy you were remembered for the great mom you ARE.

  5. Beautiful. I'm glad such a shitty day turned out to be so lovely <3

  6. Mother's Day is bitter-sweet to me. I'm so thankful I've been a mother twice. But so angry-ragey that I only get to celebrate it with one of my babies. The facebook announcements are a lot to take, especially all the mom's professing their love for their babies... It just weighs on the heart.

    I love your Alaskan family, so thoughtful and considerate and the bench and planter are beautiful. It will be quite something to see Max sitting on that bench beside the planter for Mother's Day 2014. Please, please, please.

    And I lol'd at your dog shitting everywhere- isn't that just fucking icing on the cake? lol

  7. This made me tear up. That is so special, and I'm glad turned around an otherwise bad day into a better one.

  8. Yuck, sorry about the dog poo! That freaking sucks! I am glad your mothers day turned out a little nicer than you expected. The bench and planter look lovely together. And the card from Jessica is so thoughtful and sweet.


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