Friday, November 4, 2011

12 Weeks Or 3 Months

Still feeling pretty good at this point, other than the occasional nausea.

I am loving the mood I have been in, which has still been fairly positive, with the mornings being the best part of my day. I get the most done at home and have been going into work with a smile. I also haven't had any major meltdowns for a couple of weeks now, which is awesome. Thinking the reason for a lot of that though is because my husband has been home, tend to feel better when he's around. Being alone with your crazy paranoid thoughts is no good. Really not wanting him to leave again for fear that worry and stress will hit as soon as he steps out the door. Not to mention, I am sure the bloodwork from the nuchal scan will come back right after leaves and I don't want to be alone when I get those results.

Speaking of which, you know how I said the other week that I am not too nervous yet about the nuchal scan but know I will be once it gets a little closer to it. Well, I am officially starting to get nervous for it, not freaking out, but on the nervous side. I don't even know how I will be able to handle the news if it comes back saying there is any chance of my babe having a NTD again, or even Down's. Or what if it tells me theres a problem but it turns out to be a false positive this time. Ahhh! I got through it last time I got the news, so I guess I will get through whatever the results are this time also. I just want my baby to be healthy. Fingers crossed.

I got the results from my bloodwork and pap from the other week back the other day, all good there. I figured that though.

Still haven't heard the heartbeat with my own doppler yet. I know its still early but getting ansy. If I can't find it by next week on my own I am gonna ask my dr. to help point me in the right direction.

At 3 months I still fit into my normal clothes, which I don't quite get how since I have put on at least 3-4lbs. already. I feel like I am always hungry and eating and the more nauseous I get, the more I tend to eat. I gained a lot with Liam right away for that same reason but never made it into maternity clothes either.

Still don't have much for cravings which also surprises me because with Liam it was clearly anything made from potatoes; chips, fries, mashed, or giant pretzels with cheese is what I wanted all the time.

Nuchal scan is Wednesday afternoon and my next Ob appt is set for the following Thursday.


  1. First off, yay for 12 weeks!! :) :) I'm so happy for you. I'm praying & thinking about you as you approach the nuchal scan & bloodwork. I can imagine how anxious you are.

    With the doppler, I could only find Elijah's heartbeat really low in the beginning...almost at the pelvic bone. Maybe your little one is hiding real low or something :)

    Oh yeah, on my blog, you asked about the RH negative thing being connected to incompetent cervix. It's not. My sister had incompetent cervix, but she has a positive bloodtype. It is crazy that Jessica and I both have IC and negative bloodtypes, though!!

    Anyways, try not to stress about the nuchal scan(easier said than done, huh?) Thinking about you and your little one!!

  2. Just another bit of advice.... i brought the angel sounds moniter too...(same as the one in the pic you posted.
    Are you using any Gel with it... i couldnt hear anything but then i used lube (haha yes the one you can use during sex....) and it works a treat.. still very low down near the pelvic bone but i was 16 weeks when it arrived. but congrats on 12 weeks... little milestones make it worth it :o)

  3. Congrats on 12 weeks!!! Try not to stress, yeah easier said then done. One day at a time xoxo

  4. Congrats on 12 weeks! That's great! Good luck on Wednesday. I've haven't had another NT scan since I was pregnant with Jacob was I never made it to 12 weeks, but I know how nervous I was before an ultrasound to see how things were going. I imagine the nervousness for this might be worse. I'll be thinking about you.

  5. Wonderful milestone :)) Thinking of you for getting your test results... a nerve-racking time. Great that you're feeling so good... love always xoxo

  6. I hated all my maternity clothes! I went out and bought oversized normal clothes to where. It worked out well since my boobs were enormous! lol

    Your nervousness and worry is understandable and founded. Nothing makes it go away until you are holding that little baby in your arms and he/she is screaming becuase its bright and cold outside of mommy's belly!

    Ill be thinking about you.

  7. sending you lots of love. prayers that the nerves go easy on you, lots and lots of hugs to you dear friend.


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