Saturday, November 12, 2011

13 Weeks + 1 Day

Well I made it through the scan on Wednesday. Baby was being very complicated for the u/s tech so it took awhile for her to get her measurements, but so far so good I guess. She said everything is measuring perfect for the due date with the heartbeat trucking along at 154bpm. Results should be back in a week, so I am hoping by Tuesday or Wednesday at the latest.

I also decided that if these results come back good then I'll start telling more people about this pregnancy, plus I am almost to my second trimester which seems to be a good time tell everyone anyway. Many of my friends have asked why I haven't told more people yet. The results of the nuchal scan really have been what's been holding me back. I wasn't really too concerned about a miscarriage, although I am aware it can happen to anyone, I've mainly just been concerned about my babes spine closing properly. I know that this test has false positives and doesn't give you a clear yes or no on your baby having a problem, just what your chances could be, but when someone asks me how this pregnancy is going I want to honestly be able to answer "GREAT!" I felt like I lied to a lot of people when I was pregnant with Liam because people sound so excited when your pregnant and want to know all the exciting details. I didn't want to sit and tell everyone that my baby might be sick and then when I found out definitely that he was tell everyone just how bad it was.

I don't know. I am have been talking about this damn nuchal scan and all my fears for so long people are probably sick of me repeating myself about it for the past 3 months. Good news is in order, now! Plus good results means maybe I can breathe easy, relax, and just enjoy this pregnancy, at least for the next month or so till I get the anatomy scan.

Found the heartbeat with my doppler finally. I thought maybe last week I had heard it, but it was so quiet I wasn't definite, but I used it the other day and the heartbeat was there loud and clear. So excited!

Had a crazy shopping for baby moment this week. I've always been excited to read to my kids one day before bed or whenever they want to hear a story, so when I went to both Barnes and Noble and Costco the other day and saw that they had a whole bunch of my childhood favorites on sale, I went a little crazy on buying books.

This past week I also had coffee with the friend I recently wrote about who is also pregnant, just a week behind me. I was nervous at first because of my crazy theory on friends being pregnant with me equals them getting to bring home there baby and me being empty handed again. It went really well though and I am so glad we got together. She new about Liam already so it wasn't like I had to explain myself about my crazy fears with her. She seemed to understand why I was feeling the way I was. She also shared some of her concerns with me, which in a way made me feel good knowing she had concerns and wasn't just going on about all the joyous things about being pregnant and bringing her baby home forever, because I honestly I just can't handle happy naive pregnant women yet. We also talked about how nice it will be that we live so close to one another with babies so close in age and how we can hopefully help each other when it comes to babysitting/daycare if needed. Great thought, just hope I'm not jumping the gun thinking that far ahead.

Here are some pics of baby this week. Happy to finally get an abdominal u/s to see baby in 4D!
Hey mom, I'm waving to you. Can't wait to meet you in another 23-24 weeks!


  1. Love the 4d pics. Wow its amazing. You can repeat yourslef all you want if it helps to get all the fears and concerns out. Pregnancy after loss is not easy. One step at a time. Sending all positive wishes xo

  2. Lovely u/s pics! I'm glad everything was measuring on track! For my nuchal scan, they ended up NEVER getting back to me on the bloodwork even though I called several times.

  3. I love the waving photo!! Keeping my fingers crossed for you guys :D

  4. I love the ultrasound pics! I'm so glad that your little one is measuring perfect and hope you get the results soon!

  5. Baby looks great! Hoping you get your good news soon! :)

  6. Great that you can get 4D photos... must have been so magical to see you little one so clearly xoxo

  7. crossing fingers for wonderful news this week. sending you lots and lots of hugs

  8. so cute! praying you continue to get good news and you continue having an uneventful pregnancy! ((hugs))

  9. The pic where baby is waving is so amazing.....I pray that everything will be fine with your scan and the rest of the months and you have a beautiful bouncing baby whom you and your hubby keep forever


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