Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Halloween And 10 Months

Hey little buddy,

Tomorrow will mark 10 months since you were born and passed. That dreaded one whole year mark is really coming up quickly. The holiday season is upon us also, with Halloween being just a couple days ago. What I would I have dressed you in, I haven't a clue. Would it have been something scary like a little monster or something cute like a little pumpkin? I guess I never thought that far ahead.

Your father and I went out Saturday night to a friends Halloween party. Last year at this time I was pregnant with you. I think I was about 3 1/2 months along and barely showing, but everyone there new I was pregnant. This year I am pregnant again with your little bro or sis but very few people there new I was pregnant this time. Although I think I might have been showing a little more even though I was a week shy of 3 months along.

Last year there was another girl who was at the party and she and her husband were at the party this year also. I felt kind of rude that I didn't say more to her, actually I barely said anything beyond a simple hello to her. She was about 3 months farther along than me last year and was due in January. She now has a happy, healthy, little girl who was at the sitters that night so that they could go out. I overheard her talking to people about it and how they got her a costume and were going to be going out with her on Halloween. Jealousy set in a little bit there. I guess that's why I couldn't talk to her.

All in all though it was a good party. We had no plans for Halloween night, which was fine, and enjoyed laying around and watching movies instead. I will say how happy I am though that it finally decided to snow. I know snowing means its getting closer to winter and I've already been freezing for like the past couple of months, but snow means skiing which gives me something fun to look forward to. And when I say skiing I mean cross country skiing on flat trails, there will be no hills for this girl this winter. I was probably a little bit too daring with you buddy, but not anymore. Too nervous about falling these days.

Happy Halloween in heaven. I love you little buddy,
Love, Mom


  1. I picture Liam dressed up as furry grey kitten. Yeah I dont why but I know he would have been adorable dressed up in any costume. :) We all second guess our pregnancies and the things we did. I often think -should I have driven across the country at 6 months pregnant.I dont think these things had anything to do with what happened but I really understand the need to be more cautious.

  2. These posts to Liam always make me cry. You always have such beautiful things to say... And talk about everyday things that I too was thinking about. I wish I was a better writer. I'd love to write Owen like you write Liam. I'm just hoping he can hear what I'm thinking instead. :) thinking of you daily!



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