Saturday, November 26, 2011

15 Weeks + 1 Day And Thanksgiving

I think I feel my babe kicking already, but not sure. Could just be gas or maybe I just want to feel it so bad again that its all in my head. It is still so early but I read that with the second pregnancy you can often feel the kicks sooner. It started last Thursday so its been over a week now and I swear I have felt something everyday, but only for a moment each time. Can't wait till it gets stronger and more frequent.
Otherwise nothing new this past week and Quad screen will be on Tuesday.

I wrote this on Thanksgiving and guess I was feeling a little sorry for myself that my husband was at work and my baby wasn't here, but much better now.

How do I feel about Thanksgiving? Well as I sit here and write this I am in tears. In between cooking and cleaning this afternoon before I head to a friends house for dinner I decided to get out the Christmas stuff. I didn't think I was going to set up anything Christmas related this year, let alone this early, but then decided the other week that I owe it to myself and to Liam to try and enjoy the holidays the best I could. I'd like to think Liam wants me to be happy, especially around the holidays, even if he isn't here. Also feel that I needed to do this for the new baby. Through everything that happened last year, especially right around Christmas, I really did enjoy setting Christmasy stuff up thinking how great it would be next year when I had my little babe here celebrating with us. Even though things didn't turn out as planned I am glad I got one Christmas with Liam and that's how I feel with this baby also.
So why now am I sitting here with the house filled with Christmas stuff thinking that this was a bad idea?

Here are the ornaments I got for Liam for the tree. Of course the klutz in me dropped the mitten one right after taking the picture and it busted into pieces. I also would still like to get a First Christmas in Heaven type ornament with his footprints on it but haven't gotten around to ordering one yet.


  1. Those are beautiful ornaments, I dont know how I feel about decorating for Christmas yet. I keep bantering back and forth but I still have lots of time to decide. I would like to get an ornament like those though. xo

  2. Beautiful ornaments. I have felt completely awful when I have broken something of River's...then realize if he were here, he probably would have broken it! :) many hugs to you, dear friend!

  3. Beautiful ornaments! I decorated the house the christmas we lost Parker, but immediately took it all back down. It made me too sad. I admire your strength.


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