Saturday, April 9, 2011

Happy List Saturday

I think this is the first Happy List Saturday I have done. Well, what is there to be happy for right now. I think I need to think about this a little since the last few weeks have been the hardest yet on me and really hoping the next few months get a little easier.
 Here goes:

1. The one advantage to not going out as often with friends, since I have had many unsociable moments this past few weeks, is that I have been getting lots of things done. I had wanted to try growing vegetables in pots inside my house and also get some more plants in general. Normally I have really bad luck with any kind of gardening, but so far I have made it a week and my tomato plants are growing like crazy, I have planted 2 peace lilies that have both already bloomed, the spider plant seems happy, now I am just hoping my bell peppers take off-I started them from seeds. Looking at all the green added to my house definitely makes me happy.

2. My husband and I have been doing a lot of baking and cooking lately. In the past week we have made a cheesecake, monster cookies, and carrot cake, and also tried about 6 new recipes for meals for dinner. I love cooking/baking but its even better when Dereck helps. Good quality time together in the kitchen.

3. I also have been trying really hard at getting into a good workout routine again. I feel like I am slowly starting to get my endurance back and feeling stronger again. I have been out jogging and although I don't go more than 2-5 miles it has felt great and the dogs love it. Dereck has also been really sweet and biking slowly beside me as I jog. 

4. Trying to stop drinking pop-Diet Mountain is awesome and I have gotten really addicted in the past few months. I have made it one whole week without any. Of course I might be making up for it with extra coffee-yum!

5. I am happy for game nights with friends, we did go to a friends house on Wednesday night and I totally dominated in Risk. Made me Happy!

6.Super happy I finally learned how to put together a new blog header with my babies pictures in it!

Wow, came up with more than I thought


  1. I'm glad that you found things to be happy about! And that you and your husband do so much together! I hope things begin to get easier for you again soon....

  2. Love you list and all the things that help you feel happy... espeically growing veggies :) Great that you're getting into an exercise routine... I still haven't managed to do that. Hope the next few weeks are a bit better for you. Love always xoxo

  3. Great list! I wish I was good a baking.

  4. Great list! I think it wonderful you're taking part. I love that its finally spring here...we're going to be planting veggies next week. And, yay to baking. My coworkers are getting mad at me because I bake on Sundays and bring the goodies in to work with me on Monday. And, I love the new header!

  5. Your list is lovely. It's so good to see you reflecting on the positives right now!! Not sure why, but when I read about you doing alot of baking and cooking and then talking about jogging, I remembered that you used to run that looong gravel driveway at your parent's place (after eating too many nachos after school?)...does tub o cheddar ring any bells ;)

  6. Thanks everyone!
    Stephanie yes tub o cheddar rings a bell-oh memories

  7. A great happy list, thank you for sharing!

  8. Yeah, the new header is really nice! I love your list and want to meet your plants :)


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