Friday, April 1, 2011

NICU orientation

When I first went in for my interview for volunteering in the NICU, through the hospitals Kuddle Korps program, I had always wondered if one of the questions I would get asked would be why I decided I wanted to volunteer and why in particular in the NICU. I had thought over and over again about what I would say if I had been asked those questions. Would I actually say that I am doing it in memory of my baby Liam, and if so tell them that he died after having fetal surgery and the NICU team wasn't able to revive him. Would I mention that I want more than anything to do what I can to help other babies, even if it is just holding them and providing them with some warmth and comfort when there families can not be there to do so. What kind of response would I get if I answered that question that way. Or would it just have been better to answer with a simple response that I just want to use some of my spare time helping others and the NICU sounded like a good place to do it. But she never asked- part of me wishes she did just because I love talking about Liam any chance I get.

So I went to my volunteer orientation the other night and the speaker is going over all of the details of our volunteer duties, discussing the HIPAA policies, talking about bloodbourne pathogens and the importance of handwashing, and then gets to the importance of our roll if there is any kind of code called. She explained to us about code pink, for infant abduction, and how if the code is called to go to an entrance/exit and we have the right to check bags, coats, etc. in search of the missing infant. She then want on to explain what the most common types of people are that tend to be the ones that steal infants; 1. a women usually between the ages of 14-45, who has previously lost a baby, or 2. a women who is unable to have a baby.

Hmmm, maybe it was good that the question never came up.
I get my badge and set up my start date on Tuesday morning- still not sure how I'll handle it but can't wait to start!


  1. I am so proud of you for this!! I think that it is a wonderful program and will be so good for you!!

  2. It's so good of you to volunteer.

    That creeps me RIGHT out as far as the type of people who steal infants.
    Because I'm one of those they would suspect/be weary of... Yikes.

  3. I'm wishing you lots of strength, I think what you are doing is amazing!!!


  4. That is so wonderful that you are going to volunteer!

  5. You're doing such an amazing thing to volunteer to help little babies... you're so strong and will make such a difference to them. Sad that a hospital even has to have a code pink... must mean that it's happened a few times - so sad :( Love to you always xoxo


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