Thursday, April 21, 2011

What's In A Name - Blog Hop

Rachel from A Lasting Footprint, is celebrating her 80th blog, and she's come up with the fun idea of a blog hop about our baby(ies) name(s)

This one is easy and I already had it wrote and posted in my pages bar below my header, but for anyone who hasn't read it here you go.

Before we were even pregnant Dereck and I had always said that I would get to name the first girl and he the first boy. I had always wanted to name a girl Rachel, no major reason for that name except I would occasionally use it as my alias and just thought it was a pretty name. Dereck had always wanted William, it was both his middle name and his grandfathers name. I wasn't too sure of William at first because it was such a popular name, and had friends who had named there boys William already, but also understood it was a family name. I did love the name Liam though, so Dereck and I were able to come to an agreement that if we had a boy his official name was going to be William, but we would call him Liam. Looking through baby books at names we had also learned that William meant Protector and new that we wanted a strong name for our baby and that was perfect for him. The middle name was a little harder to come up with. Dereck had always joked that he wanted our baby to have the initials WAR. Well then I said that maybe we should have his middle name be Archimedes which Dereck thought would be perfect. He figured that with a middle name like that his son would want to learn so much about where that name came from. We had left the name issue alone for a few months till about the time were going in to find out the sex of our baby. Dereck's grandma is named Maxine, and she means the world to us, and her dad was named Maximilian. Maximilian also means the Greatest, so right away we new that we had Liam a middle name. His name had so much meaning to us and even more so now because it means the The Greatest Protector. What a perfect name for our precious little Angel and so happy we already had his name picked out before he was born.
We have also since talked about baby names for when we have another child, not sure if we will ever come up with a name that has as much of a special meaning as Liam does. I now know that Rachel will never work as a girls name for me, but we have thought about a few names that we both can agree on, but you will all have to wait and find out on knowing those.


  1. What an amazing name! I love it! The combination of the names work together so well :) Thanks for posting this!

  2. My thoughts are with you as you pick out Liam's headstone. I know that it's sort of a bittersweet process. I'm sure that you'll pick out the perfect one for him and it'll be beautiful! *hugs*

  3. Thank you for both of those comments!

  4. I have awarded you with the stylish blogger award.. pop past my page to read the rules... Much love. xx


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