Monday, April 25, 2011

More Amazing Stuff From Fellow BLM's

Thank you so much Shauna for the Pin Wheel, your garden is awesome! I love all of the different pictures, especially the ones with the heart with the L in it for Liam.

Also a big thank you again to Melissa for the music box. It is beautiful!

  I have been trying to come up with something amazing to do for all of my fellow blm's like many of you have already done, and I think I have finally thought of something. Hopefully I can have it all figured out to share with everyone soon.


  1. thats so sweet I love that.
    -Just found your blog, following you now. I hope your well. <3

    xoxox - Isha @

  2. such nice gestures!

  3. It's so nice when you know someone else has thought of your baby. I love your pictures of Liam. He is so beautiful.


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