Sunday, March 20, 2011

The Christmas Tree is Finally Down

It has been just under 3 months since Christmas ended and up till just now the the tree has been up and fully decorated. If you would have asked me anytime in the past few months why the tree was still up I would have told you that it reminded me of happier times from when I was still pregnant with Liam and had no intentions of taking it down till after next Christmas.
I had almost decided not to decorate the house this past Christmas because Dereck was going to be working and I had already made plans to go home that week to see family and have my baby shower. I couldn't help but want to set it up though, I just love Christmas and all I could think about is how next Christmas the baby I was carrying would be celebrating it with us. Oh and not to mention next Christmas we were finally planning on having a real tree, versus our fake one, just figured we'd wait until we had kids for that.
When we were told that we had to be in San Francisco to start the testing process for the surgery we had less then a week to get everything packed and cleaned up since we had planned on not being back home for at least 4 months. The Christmas tree we figured could just stay up and when we would come home with our bundle of joy we would take it down then.
No bundle of joy brought home, the holidays were complete chaos, and now feeling jipped for next Christmas. I would have never thought I'd get so emotional putting stuff away, but I know it was time to take the tree down.
The sun has been shining and Spring is in the air, and staring at this tree daily was not doing me any good, but its funny how everyday I'd look at it and think of you. I love you Liam

It feels so good to get so much spring cleaning done. Also bought tons of picture frames at Michael's  to put pictures of Liam in. Now I am just waiting to talk to Derecks grandma this evening, I just love her. All in all a pretty good day..


  1. Spring is such a revitalising time... hopefully taking down the tree is one step of many in the healing process - hope it brings you some peace xoxo

  2. Hope you continue to have lots of good days!!!
    You deserve them!


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