Thursday, March 31, 2011

Got To Speak With Another Fetal Surgery Mom

I first off just want to thank everyone who kept pushing me to get in contact with some of the fetal surgery MOMS study moms. As I mentioned in my last post I finally got the courage to email a few of them, even though I have been so hesistant since they all still have their babies, which I feel just sets me so apart from them.
Sunday night one of the moms already had emailed me back within an hour of sending her a message. We wrote back in forth a few times and then decided it would be best to speak on the phone, so Monday I called her and we spoke for an hour and a half. I just can't even express how happy I was to actually be able to speak to someone who had also had the fetal surgery. She told me all about her experience with getting into the study, having the surgery, delivering her baby, and then also how now she is pregnant with her third child.
Talking about her being pregnant again for the third time with no future complications was really good to hear. My biggest fear is having a uterine rupture and she said that didn't even concern her at all and that her biggest fear was not having another baby with a birth defect. She informed me that her first baby, the one who she had the surgery with, ended up coming at 32 weeks, the second baby they took at 36, and the one she is pregnant with now will be taken at 36 weeks also. She said that most of the moms from the surgery have all had their next babies by 36 weeks.  I was surprised to hear that they are taking the babies at 36 weeks, sounds so early, but she told me that I should talk to my doctor for my next pregnancy and probably tell them I don't want to go past 36 weeks either. When I told her they told me to never to go past 38 weeks she said 38 weeks is just way too risky since we are never allowed to go into labor. Thinking I might be having a talk with my doctor now about that.
She also told me about how she was told to wait 3 years before she got pregnant again, but said she couldn't wait and got pregnant in 2 years instead. I guess I understand the waiting that long though since she had 2 incisions, the fetal surgery and c-section one, versus my one since my c-section was done at the fetal surgery location. I had thought all of our fetal surgery incisions were done at the same location, but her's is in a completey different location than mine. I guess it just depended on the position the baby was in at the time. I am starting to think 6 months doesn't sounds too bad compared to being told 2-3 years either, but at the same time I probably wouldn't mind having to wait if Liam had survived.
We also talked about some other things pertaining to the next pregnancy as far as exercising, taking extra folic acid-which I already am doing, and just listening to my body as time draws closer to the end of the next pregnancy. Overall great conversation, I really needed to talk to someone who had been there, it put me in a great mood at least for the meantime.


  1. I'm so glad you reached out to her and she was so receptive in return. I'm hoping you feel better about the whole thing now (though obviously still sad). I hope it gives you hope for the future Becky. :)

  2. I'm very happy you got the speak with one of the other women in the study. I am also waiting 6 months to try again, so we are in that boat together.

  3. It's nice to hear that you got to talk to another fetal surgery Mom... and that your discussion helped you in some ways! I'm happy for you as well. I'm hoping the next few months go quickly, and you guys can start trying for Liams baby brother or sister!
    Sending lots of love..

  4. Good for you! I know it was important for you to connect with moms like you! Sounds like you had a great conversation with her!

  5. Im so glad you were able to connect. Sometimes someone who has been there is all we need! I have faith this will all work out for you!!

  6. Hi Becky!!! I just now found your blog.... it was a PLEASURE talking with you too! I loved hearing about Liam and the experiences you had while you were pregnant with him! He was a true Angel of God and is looking down upon you every day! I am excited to hear that you are getting ready to try again! I am sure there is another very special spirit up there just waiting for you! If you ever need anything, or have more questions, or just want to chat don't ever hesitate to contact me!


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